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R.W. Martin Company and Fishbowl | A Collaboration for Both Innovation and Growth | Second Hand Industrial Laundry Machines for Sale

Above all, R.W. Martin Company of Kent, Ohio commits to helping hospitals, hotels, and other facilities run as efficiently and as safely as possible.  Companies count on the R.W. Martin Company team for both top quality textile care equipment and process water solutions. From second hand industrial laundry machines for sale, to design, to facility evaluations, R.W. Martin Company has what you need to run a more efficient facility.  Without a doubt, Fishbowl takes great pride in its partnership with this team.  

Industrial Laundry Safety Best Practices | Second Hand Industrial Laundry Machines for Sale 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, industrial laundry operations across all fields must both train and adapt to curb the spread.  When it comes to combating this virus and maintaining best practices for safety, it’s all about both common sense and consistency.  With this in mind, see the list below for some tips.  

  • Prevent Contact With Bloodborne Pathogens.
    • Ensure all employees have the proper training to protect both themselves and others from such pathogens. 
    • Needles and other sharps from medical facilities can accidentally get mixed into shipments from medical facilities and put laundry employees at risk for hepatitis and HIV, for example.  
    • Make sure all employees wear gloves when handling linens.
  • Keep Any Other Applicable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Accessible.
    • Industrial laundry workers face a significant risk of inhaling harmful chemicals such as benzene or ethylene glycol, for example.  
    • Keep safety glasses and respiratory protection accessible for all employees.   
  • Be Mindful of Facility Temperature Conditions.  
    • Implement guards for hot water lines.
    • Ensure all employees keep hydrated.  

Second Hand Industrial Laundry Machines for Sale From R.W. Martin Company 

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