5 Garage Floor Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Flooring

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Garage floor maintenance is necessary for keeping for protecting your garage flooring. The average garage experiences extreme levels of traffic from residents, guests, vehicles, and more. Ohio flooring is especially vulnerable to weather damage from humidity, extreme temperatures, and thaw cycles. Furthermore, oils, fuels, road salts, chemicals, dirt and grime can cause wear and tear.

Performing regular garage floor maintenance is the best method for protecting garage flooring from these hazards. Ohio Garage Interiors and Fishbowl Design work together to provide Ohio home and business owners with the garage flooring services they need. We offer advanced digital marketing tools, so OGI can more effectively reach their clientele. As a result, Ohio residents can find the information they need for garage floor maintenance, repair, and installation.

Want to learn more about maintaining your concrete flooring? Check out these 5 garage floor maintenance tips from the experts at OGI:

1. Clear any clutter

Removing any clutter from your garage space is the best way to make cleaning less of a chore. This will allow you to perform quick, regular cleaning and also be more thorough without too much trouble. As a result, you can consistently keep your floor clean and, in turn, increase its longevity.

2. Clean spills and leaks

Spills and leaks are also common hazards for concrete garage flooring. Gasoline, fuel, oil, and corrosive chemical spills can cause significant damage if left untreated. Additionally, spills and leaks present the risk of potential slippage for residents and visitors.

3. Sweep your flooring

Sweeping your garage flooring helps control dust and dirt buildup in your garage. Once you have cleaned any lingering spills, you can remove the remaining dirt and dust with a push broom or dust mop. Additionally, opening any garage doors and windows that lead outside will improve airflow. So, the dirt and debris will exit your garage more easily.

4. Cover any outlets and drywall

It is typical for homeowners to use a hose for garage floor maintenance. Therefore, covering any drywall and electrical outlets is crucial for protecting your walls, your outlets, and yourself during cleaning.

5. OGI epoxy floor coatings

Most notably, installing high-strength epoxy coatings from Ohio Garage Interiors is the best garage floor maintenance method. If you want to minimize maintenance requirements and protect the concrete, OGI epoxy is the ideal solution.

Polyaspartic garage flooring epoxy

OGI garage floor coatings contain polyaspartic polyurea for improved strength and protection. In fact, OGI flooring protects against various hazards. As a result, your flooring stays in excellent condition for years after installation.

OGI epoxy also forms a strong bond with the underlying concrete. The topcoat creates an impenetrable surface, so it can protect against mold, mildew, flooding, road salt, corrosive chemicals, and other hazards. It also has impermeability to dirt, dust, and water.

Why Choose OGI? | Garage Floor Maintenance

Cleaning is quick, safe, and easy:

OGI flooring’s impermeability makes cleaning a much simpler process. It is also non-slip, so cleaning spills and mopping is much safer.

OGI coatings offer longer lifespans and superior protection:

OGI epoxy offers protection from many forms of wear and tear. Mold, mildew, flooding, chemicals, road salts, and impacts cannot penetrate OGI flooring. So, your flooring will look better and last longer without the need for frequent, costly repairs.

Customers get the chance to customize their new flooring:

In addition to high-quality products, OGI offers customers a unique design experience. Choosing OGI means you can personalize your new garage flooring. With a wide selection of solid colors, metallic finishes, and custom DecoFlake options, you can create flooring that suits your personal tastes. OGI’s DecoFlake system also has many flake colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns to choose from.

OGI offers higher precision for flooring installation:

Other garage flooring and home improvement companies in Ohio offer one-day installation services. Initially, these services seem incredibly convenient. However, one-day installations are unnecessary and expensive.

Furthermore, they cannot provide the necessary precision to install high-quality flooring. As a result, you will spend more of your budget on repairing defects that form post-installation.

At OGI, they perform thorough, two-day installations. This allows the epoxy to more effectively cure and bond to the concrete. OGI’s expert contractors and designers use high-precision installation methods, so you receive the highest quality flooring for your money. They also offer a Ten-Year Warranty Against Peeling and Delamination!

OGI offers free quotes for repair and installation services:

If you are interested in garage floor maintenance or installation services, you can schedule an on-site inspection or send in photos of your flooring for a free quote.

OGI is entirely locally owned and operated:

Ohio Garage Interiors takes pride in giving Ohio home and business owners the highest quality flooring on the market. So, they never hire subcontractors to complete flooring projects for them. As a result, you will always receive flooring repair, maintenance, and installation services from genuine OGI contractors.

Anyone in need of garage floor maintenance or installation services in Northeast Ohio should contact Ohio Garage Interiors. Their high-strength coatings and thorough installation methods offer the best flooring solutions available. Additionally, OGI performs installations year-round, so don’t be afraid to schedule an inspection anytime.

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