Deltran Precision Metal Stamping Capabilities

Deltran Precision Metal Stamping | Specializing in Precision

Deltran has developed and maintained a reputation for high standards of quality during its last 50+ years as a leading supplier of precision metal stamping services to the electronics industry.

With a reputation for high standards of quality, Deltran has a certification ISO 9001:2015. In addition, Deltran offers progressive tooling, creating custom metal stampings with precision and uniformity.

Precision Metal Stamping Services | Products

Deltran manufactures products such as quick connect terminals, switch component stampings, and precious metal contacts with overlay, inlay and engineered materials.

About Deltran Precision Metal Stamping Services

Deltran’s precision metal stamping experience allows them to work with a wide range of materials with lower thicknesses. Deltran has the ability to work with precious metals, thermostatic metals, and other engineered materials. The Deltran facility houses more than 40 presses and can fulfill any progressive tooling on-site.

Deltran Metal Stamping Capabilities

Deltran has a state-of-the-art facility that allows for the following precision metal stamping capabilities and advantages:

    • In-house designing and building of progressive tooling.
    • Stamping materials up to 4″ wide and .006″ to .093″ thick.
    • Knowledge of and experience in engineered materials utilizing inlay and overlay bonding and selective plating.
    • Stamping of BiMetal material.
    • High-speed, low-cost proprietary tapping process and tapped stamping with screws inserted.
    • Riveting of precious metal contacts onto stampings.
    • Existing relationships with heat treating and plating subcontractors.
    • Inventory programs such as Kan-Ban, Min-Max, etc.
    • Manufacturing alliance with Jaco Products, allowing Deltran to offer insert molded stampings.

Why Choose Deltran?

Deltran offers low-cost, high-quality precision metal stamping with a multifaceted approach. Their mission is to offer every customer the highest quality of products, which requires planning through all aspects of production. Their dedication to quality has made Deltran the leading resource of precision metal stamping.

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