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PlastiWin Used Injection Molding Equipment 

Are you looking for used injection molding equipment? Contact PlastiWin Capital Equipment LLC. PlastiWin offers used injection molding equipment with competitive pricing, so you can get the best machinery for your application. They are also specialists in plastic process equipment, offering equipment ranging from size reduction to post-processing applications.

PlastiWin has a large inventory of used equipment for rubber and plastic injection molding. With a team of used equipment specialists, you can find the equipment you need with pricing within your budget. PlastiWin’s goal is to sell clients the highest quality equipment available with complete transparency.

Brands of Used Injection Molding Equipment

Although PlastiWin’s inventory changes frequently, the generally carry used injection molding machinery from the following manufacturers:

  • Arburg Injection Machines
  • Battenfeld Molding Machines
  • Cincinnati Milacron
  • Sumitomo Demag
  • Engel Injection Molding Machines
  • Electric Injection Molding Machines
  • Husky Injection Molding
  • JSW
  • Krauss Maffei
  • Mitsubishi
  • Newbury Machines
  • Negri Bossi
  • Niigata Machines
  • Nissei
  • Sumitomo
  • Toshiba Machines
  • Toyo
  • UBE
  • Van Dorn

If you are looking to buy, sell or liquidate used injection molding equipment, contact PlastiWin today at 330-998-6738 or [email protected].

Appraisal Services

PlastiWin also offers various equipment appraisal services. Determining the value of equipment accurately is important for both buyers and sellers, so PlastiWin offers these services to help customers collect the relevant information and maximize their equipment’s value. Whether you are involved in a direct transaction or a third-party looking for a professional opinion, PlastiWin can provide an accurate assessment of the used injection molding equipment.

Fair Market Value Appraisal

PlastiWin can provide a professional estimate of your equipment’s realistic pricing on the market. This appraisal will take all relevant information into consideration and is notated in the applicable currency. Additionally, this appraisal can include shipment and transport costs depending on the situation.

Forced Liquidation or Auction Value

If you need to sell equipment under forced sale conditions or at a public option, PlastiWin offers estimates for these specific situations. This appraisal will consider the property’s location, condition, specialization, the difficulty of transport, adaptability, and marketability. They also consider the likelihood of this equipment to attract potential buyers and competitive offers. Additionally, liquidated equipment is sold under the presumption that the purchaser will take responsibility for removal and transportation.

Orderly Liquidation Value

In cases where sellers need to sell equipment for a long period of time (usually six to twelve months), PlastiWin will estimate the price it will reach in a negotiated sale. This appraisal assumes the sale is professionally managed, effectively advertised, and can attract buyers as well as competitive offers. 

New Replacement Cost Value

In situations where a manufacturer needs to replace equipment with a more current model, PlastiWin can provide accurate estimates for new pieces of equipment. If that specific piece of equipment is unavailable, they can also estimate the prices of potential alternatives. 

Desktop Opinion

This service is designed for determining whether you need a full appraisal or establishing the general scope of an appraisal. A desktop appraisal uses the available information and listings to estimate the value of your equipment. However, this appraisal will be performed without an on-site inspection. Therefore, it is not recommended for making credit decisions.

About PlastiWin Used Injection Molding Equipment

PlastiWin offers over ten years of industry experience in rubber and plastic manufacturing machinery. They offer unmatched customer service and competitive pricing, so they can meet your budgetary requirements while providing the equipment you need. 

As a leading supplier of rubber, plastic, and chemical processing equipment in North America, PlastiWin offers the best available used processing equipment. Therefore, they can meet the requirements of virtually any used processing equipment industry.

In addition to used injection molding equipment, PlastiWin offers many value-added services such as purchasing services for manufacturing facilities, liquidation of plastics processing equipment lines, and appraisal services for chemical, rubber, and plastic processing equipment.

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