5 Benefits of the Vacuum Pump

High-Efficiency Vacuum Pump Machinery from an Industry Leader

Do you need reliable vacuum pump machinery for your facility? A vacuum carries a full range of advanced air machinery solutions, so you can reach maximum efficiency. In fact, Becker Pumps Canada is a leader in the design and manufacturing of vacuum pumps, vane pumps, compressors, and regenerative blowers as well as medical vacuum system design. Therefore, you can rely on them to provide the best pumps for your application.

With Becker Pumps Canada, you can find vacuum pumps with exceptional vacuum output and the highest efficiency ratings in the industry. Becker pumps also offer low-maintenance requirements by preventing internal, metal-to-metal contact. So, they automatically compensate for wear and tear. As a result, choosing Becker vacuum pumps will save you time and money on repairs and component replacements.

Why choose Vauum Pumps over Positive Displacement Pumps?

Vacuum pump equipment has the ability to consume massive amounts of energy when creating vacuum pressure, especially if the technology is inefficient. This energy consumption plays a significant role in your facility’s overall efficiency. Thus, installing reliable vacuum pumps from Becker is the best way to maximize your profitability. Becker vacuum pumps also ensure your facility is more eco-friendly.

Creating advanced vacuum pump technologies is one of the many Becker Pumps Canada specialties. In fact, they are always working on new enhancements for their vacuum pump equipment. So, you know you will receive the finest equipment on the market. Furthermore, installing Becker pumps will result in immediate improvements for your facility’s operation.

Vacuum pumps from competing manufacturers often create loud noise while providing less efficient vacuum output. Many believe noisy operation to be a sign of higher productivity. However, this noise is simply signaling that your machinery is wasting excessive amounts of energy and costing you more money while producing unnecessary noise pollution.

5 benefits of a vacuum pump

When you choose vacuum pump machinery from Becker Pumps Canada, you receive the benefits of state-of-the-art vacuum pump technology designed by the industry’s leading experts.

1. Eco-friendly design

First and foremost, Becker vacuum pumps have a uniquely efficient design, so your facility can save energy while maintaining more eco-friendly operation. Higher efficiency also means you save more money by reducing your energy usage.

2. Longer vane lifespan

Becker rotary vane vacuum pump equipment features vanes with exceptional durability and incredibly long lifespans. As a result, you do not need to purchase and install replacements as frequently, reducing downtime, increasing productivity, and saving you money.

3. Low maintenance requirements

Becker’s uniquely durable construction significantly reduces maintenance requirements and lengthens operational lifespans, so you get the highest performance and the best value for your vacuum pumps.

4. 100% oil-less vacuum pump models

In addition to strength and efficient operation, Becker offers many vacuum pumps with completely oil-less operation. These pumps offer the same high-level performance as oil-flooded pumps while making your facility more environmentally friendly.

5. Cool and quiet operation

Vacuum pumps from other manufacturers have bulky designs with high-temperature, noisy performance. With Becker, however, you receive machinery that creates minimal noise with cooler operation. As a result, you will have less noise in your facility while avoiding machinery downtime as a result of overheating.

Which pump is best for my application?

All Becker vacuum pumps offer unique advantages. However, not every model is ideal for every application. For example, Becker’s rotary vane vacuum pumps cannot create deeper vacuum levels of HgV or more or perform properly in applications that require the consumption of large volumes of liquid.

The most critical factors to consider when choosing a pump and pump supplier include:

  • Does my pump  need a bubble trap?
  • Flow Rate
    • In all, the higher a pump’s flow rate, the lower its draining time and flow indicators
  • The environment of the Application
    • Consider the air quality of your facility, for example.
    • What gases will your pump encounter that could possibly slow operation or cause contamination
  • The Pump’s Lifetime Cost and Maintenance
    • Consider the frequency of pump maintenance along with the initial purchase price
    • Do you need explosion proof lighting?
    • Will regular oil changes, for example, be affordable or reasonable for your goals?
  • Online Reviews
    • Reviews from search engines or review sites can give you general ideas of companies’ timeliness and communication, for example.
    • Keep in mind that you should only consider online reviews in combination with other factors.
  • Compatibility With Your Industry
    • Ask about past projects when you connect with potential collaborators
    • Look for a portfolio on a potential partner’s company website.
  • Potential Suppliers’ Communication Practices
    • Are technical support staff easily accessible?
    • Have staff been responsive to calls or emails?
  • Does your inline processes need a Bubble Trap?
    • The Inline Bubble Trap is a device to remove the air bubbles from water-based solutions. Air bubbles in the fluidic flow can cause significant problems because they change the physical properties of microfluidics systems unpredictably, often leading to shearing forces that are difficult for designers and technicians alike. The inline trap aids by removing these unpredictable variations before they do damage or complicate design processes downstream; it’s recommended as an essential safeguard in any engineering system with fluids and a site flow indicator.

If you need vacuum pumps for your facility but are unsure of what you need, Becker Pumps Canada can help! With various models of vacuum pump machinery, they can help you find the perfect pump for your application. In fact, they can give you expert recommendations depending on your performance requirements.

Becker has also worked with a diverse range of industries including robotics, surgery, graphic, arts, packaging, and more! So, you can trust them to find the ideal pump for the job.

What is a vacuum pump used for?

Becker Pumps Canada offers a diverse catalog of different vacuum pump models and designs, so you can find the best equipment for your application. Here are some common examples of vacuum pump applications:

  • Paper, Plastic Packing and Luxury Product Packaging
  • Lenticular Printing
  • Medical/Surgical Vacuum
  • Food Packaging and Processing
  • Printing and Paper Converting
  • Vacuum Infusion of Composites
  • Environmental Applications
  • Pick and Place
  • Vacuum Hold Down for CNC Routers

About Becker Pumps Canada

Becker Pumps Canada is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-efficiency vacuum pump machinery. In fact, they have been creating vacuum pumps, regenerative blowers, compressors, and other forms of air machinery since 1885.

Becker Pumps Canada maintains an unyielding dedication to creating increasingly efficient, innovative vacuum pump solutions. The continuous improvement of their machinery has allowed them to maintain their position as an industry-leading developer of air machinery. As a result, various industries depend on Becker for vacuum pump equipment including medicine, surgery, food packaging, and more!

If you are looking for high-efficiency vacuum pump machinery for your facility, contact Becker Pumps Canada today or visit our website to see our selection of vacuum pumps at https://beckerpumps.ca/.
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