A 3 Step Guide to Getting Dermal Fillers | Dermal Fillers Near Me

What You Should Know Before Getting Dermal Fillers Near Me

Have you decided to get dermal fillers but don’t know what to expect? Experts on dermal fillers near me are here to inform you about the process of getting dermal fillers.

What to Expect Before 

Dermal filler near me - consultationBefore starting the process of receiving dermal fillers, make sure you find a provider that has a qualified background in cosmetic medicine that includes a substantial amount of training. To find the best certified cosmetic physicians, search for “dermal fillers near me.”

Before the procedure, your initial treatment will begin with a consultation with a qualified physician found from your research of “dermal fillers near me.” During your consultation, you will explain what you want from the treatment. The cosmetic surgeon will then conduct a facial assessment. During this assessment, your physician will evaluate your areas of concern. After your facial assessment, the cosmetic professional will determine if it is possible to meet your expectations. Once you and your physician are on the same page, they will come up with a plan to meet your desired goals.

What to Expect During 

Dermal fillers near me - injectionSince Dermal filler injections are non-surgical, they are typically completed during an office visit.

Just before the start of your procedure, your facial skin will be thoroughly examined and the injection sites will be marked. Your skin, especially the injection sites, will be meticulously cleaned. Depending on your dermal filler, you may be given a topical anesthetic to numb the area.

A dermal filler procedure is known to be painless. If you do experience pain, you should inform your doctor right away.

The injection itself only takes a few minutes per area. Altogether, the procedure can take 15 to 60 minutes. Your medical professional will inject a precise amount of filler strategically beneath the skin, massage, and evaluate each area.

If you are satisfied with your results, your physician will clean the leftover markings. A cold compress may be advised to reduce swelling and relieve any discomfort.

What to Expect After 

Dermal fillers near me - doctor massaging client Recovery from dermal fillers is generally a fast and smooth process. Overall, the treated areas may feel sore or tender for a day or two. Some patients may experience mild bruising and swelling, but these effects are temporary and will subside over the days following treatment. You will be able to go back to your normal activities right after treatment, but your cosmetic surgeon may recommend you take the day off from strenuous activities such as exercise.

Results vary depending on what type of filler is being used. Generally, you will see results almost immediately.  

For more information about the process of receiving dermal fillers, contact a qualified physician by searching for “dermal fillers near me.”