The Top 10 Most Popular Types of Used Injection Molding Machines

Types of Used Injection Molding Machines 

Using used injection molding machines is one of the most common plastic manufacturing operations. Injection molding plays an essential role in the production of plastic. The most widely used machines for the production of plastic are horizontal and vertical injection molding machines. Read more to find out what type of used injection molding machine works best for your business.

Horizontal Injection Molding Machines

Used injection molding machine - horizontal injection molding machineHorizontal injection molding machines are the most common machine used for plastic applications. Both the mold and injection units follow a horizontal path. This allows for a seamless exit from the machine. The horizontal path creates a reverse image of the mold in the clamp, allowing for a versatile and highly efficient production. Since this type of machine is so common, it is easy to find skilled employees that understand the machine’s operation.

Hydraulic Injection Molding Machines

Hydraulic injection machines use a clamping force to hold together several pounds of material. This type of machine is used frequently in the automotive industry because it requires the production of large, heavy parts. Hydraulic injection machines are best used for actuating core pulls, ejectors, valve gates, and thick-walled parts that require a long hold time. Some benefits of using this machine are:

  • Best used for large parts because of the strong clamping force 
  • High injection rates
  • High resistance to wear and tear 
  • Larger shot size 
  • Better ejection capability
  • Low initial purchase price
  • Low cost and high availability of replacement parts
  • Easier to control for high-level projects

Electric Injection Molding Machines

Electric injection molding machines are controlled by a high-speed motor, allowing for a faster, repeatable, more precise, and energy-efficient operation than hydraulic injection molding machines. This machine is commonly used in the medical field to produce products such as Petri dishes and syringes. Advantages include:

  • High and tight precision 
  • Reduced scrap rates
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized parts 
  • Energy savings from 30 to 70%
  • Quieter, cleaner, and faster operation time (higher injection speeds and a faster clamp motion)
  • Shorter startup time 
  • Less material waste 
  • Lower operating costs

Hybrid Plastic Injection Molding Machines

The hybrid injection molding machine is a combination of both the electric and hydraulic injection machines. This machine uses the superior clamping force from hydraulic machines and the high precision, repeatability, and energy savings from electric machines, allowing for better performance overall. Hybrid injection molding advantages include: 

  • This machine can be used for both thin and thick-walled parts. 
  • Highly efficient and easy to use
  • Diverse product design 
  • Provides the most long-term savings
  • Faster response and operation time 

Foam Injection Molding Machines

Used injection molding machine - foamFoam injection molding machines are used to produce parts that are high in strength and lighter in weight. This machinery is mostly used for items such as bulk bins, pallets, toolboxes, pool panels and ladders, fences, recreational slides, outdoor furniture, dog houses, and industrial carts. Key benefits of a foam injection machine are:

  • Reduces the weight of the part 
  • Increases the strength and stiffness 
  • Capable of molding large, complex parts 
  • Capable of molding parts as thick as 12.7 mm
  • Allows for quicker process and cycle times on thicker parts

Rubber Injection Molding Machines

Rubber injection molding machines are the most efficient way to mold rubber. Making the original mold can take up to several weeks, but once it is made, it can be used to make hundreds to millions of parts. An advantage to using a rubber injection molding machine is that the process is predictable and scalable for rapid prototyping and production

Silicone-Liquid Injection Molding Machines 

Silicone-liquid injection molding machines are used to produce flexible and durable parts at a high volume rate. 

Vertical Injection Molding Machines 

Used injection molding machine - verticalVertical injection molding machines are the second most common type of used injection molding machines used for plastic manufacturing. Vertical injection molding machines operate the same way as horizontal machines, except they operate on a vertical axis. They are best used to create pieces that attach or insert into another material. For example, a screwdriver.

  • Rotary Vertical Injection Molding Machines allow for multi-station flexibility to operate multiple processes to maximize productivity. This machine uses a rotating motion to form complex pieces. It is known for its precise and reliable processing system. 
  • Shuttle Vertical Injection Molding Machines have the advantage to make multiple molds simultaneously. This allows for consistent quality, high productivity, and high profitability.
  • Single Station Vertical Injection Molding Machines are best for dedicated applications. It is best for making low-volume materials where multiple molds are not required. One advantage of using this machine is that it can make a wide range of parts from simple to complex. 

Thermoset Injection Molding Machines 

Used injection molding machine - thermosetThermoset injection molding is used in situations where the part must withstand high temperatures. A cold material is inserted into an extremely hot mold to create a part. It is best used to make medical parts such as dental tools. Some advantages are:

  • Best for high-volume processes
  • Tight precision
  • Low waste
  • Short cooling time

Multi-Shot Injection Molding Machines

Used injection molding machine - multishotMulti-shot injection molding is the process of combining two to six different materials to make a single part. Several benefits include:

  • Lower production costs because a single machine can produce the desired part
  • Reduces production cycle times
  • Improves productivity
  • Improves quality 
  • Reduction in assembly operations

Used Injection Molding Machine Parts

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