5 Garage Renovation Trends to Watch | Concrete Restoration Companies

Ohio Garage Interiors and Fishbowl | Working Together for Both Innovation and Growth | Concrete Restoration Companies 

The Fishbowl team commits to transforming businesses through the latest in both digital marketing and website design strategies.  Similarly, the team from Ohio Garage Interiors commits to transforming both homes and business facilities across Northeast Ohio.  With this in mind, you can learn more about how Ohio Garage Interiors stands out among concrete restoration companies by visiting the company website.  In addition, you can find more information about the Ohio Garage Interiors team and its work by visiting the Fishbowl blog.  

5 Garage Renovation Trends to Watch | Concrete Restoration Companies 

Have you started to want something more for the look and function of your garage space?  The possibilities are endless when it comes to design and setup for hobbies and entertaining. 

Now, more than ever, homeowners are realizing the versatility of their garage space. You can both up your property value and transform your space with a professional garage renovation.  To list, some of the latest trends in garage installations and improvement include:

  • Smart Tech
    • Homeowners can download mobile apps to both open and close garage doors.  
    • People are also taking more notice of smart emergency alarms, lighting, and moisture detection systems.  
  • Storage
    • Homeowners can customize garage storage systems to any function or aesthetic.
    • Consider overhead racks, shelving, cabinets, or slatwall installations.  
  • Lifestyle Upgrades
    • Convert your garage into a home gym, bar, art studio, or children’s play area.  
  • Heating and Cooling Systems 
    • Heat pumps come in a variety of sizes to fit any garage space.
    • Overhead fans are becoming a popular cooling option for garages.  
  • Car Lifts
    • Hydraulic installations can store three cars in two-car garages.  
    • The vertical movement can move one car on top of another.  

About Ohio Garage Interiors | Concrete Restoration Companies 

The Ohio Garage Interiors team transforms spaces all over the Akron, Cleveland, and Lake Erie Islands communities.  In fact, the locally owned and operated business provides top quality flooring solutions that withstand the highs and lows of Ohio’s unpredictable weather. 

Owners Chad and Scott Gleske lead the team and provide top quality installations with a distinct commitment to customer satisfaction. Significantly, the company only purchases materials from the nation’s most reputable suppliers and does not employ subcontractors.  This makes for durable solutions and the most experienced staff possible. 

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