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Our creative team does all it can to discover a brand’s “why.”  We put our digital marketing and design expertise to work to reflect a brand’s vision and grow a client’s business.  Similarly, Ohio Garage Interiors provides top quality commercial flooring to completely transform a company’s space. If you have been planning an investment in the productivity, safety, and aesthetic of your facility, then choose commercial flooring services from Ohio Garage Interiors. 

Visit the Ohio Garage Interiors website to learn more about available commercial flooring solutions. You can also head to the Fishbowl blog to find out more about this team and its dedication to quality transformations.  

3 Trends in Commercial Flooring | Commercial Flooring Services | Neat and Tidy

Have you and your team been thinking about investing in new floors for your facility?  The look is important, without a doubt. However, have you and your colleagues gotten on the same page about maintenance and cost?  See the list below for some of the most significant trends in commercial flooring in 2020.  

  • Polished Concrete Flooring
    • This option can be a reliable solution for areas that need to withstand high levels of foot traffic. 
    • The neutral color can easily match the existing aesthetic of nearly any facility.
    • Polished concrete is notable for being a long-lasting option and for its ease of maintenance; regular buffing and sealing is all it takes.  
  • Attention to Sustainability
    • Some companies have opted for plant-based flooring materials.
    • Manufacturers have started to pay more attention to issues of indoor air emissions.  
  • Phasing Out of Natural Stone Flooring
    • Nature stone flooring can come with both costly and inconvenient maintenance requirements.  
    • The option can also come with serious health risks, as it leaves significant room for the accumulation of both mold and mildew.  

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For nearly three decades, Ohio Garage Interiors has transformed numerous Northeast Ohio homes and businesses through top quality flooring solutions.  The dedicated team has provided more than 3,000 stunning installations across the Cleveland, Akron, and Lake Erie Islands communities. Significantly, to ensure optimal installation quality, the Ohio Garage Installation team only purchases materials from the most reputable sources in the industry and does not employ subcontractors.  

The locally owned and operated company provides quality installations under the leadership of father and son Chad and Scott Gleske.  Above all, the Ohio Garage Interiors team commits to complete customer satisfaction. When you choose commercial flooring services from Ohio Garage Interiors, you can benefit from an installation that withstands Ohio’s unpredictable weather conditions, as well as high levels of foot traffic and chemical wear. 

If you want to transform your facility with high-quality commercial flooring installation, then reach out to the dedicated team of professionals from Ohio Garage Interiors today.  

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