What Are Aerospace Solenoid Valves? | National Machine Group (NMG)

What Are Aerospace Solenoid Valves? 

If you are wondering what aerospace solenoid valves are, know that you are not alone. A solenoid valve is a mechanical device that is electrically operated for controlling air, liquid, or gas flow. This is controlled by an electrical current that runs through the coil. A magnetic field is then created when the coil is energized resulting in the mechanism inside the coil to move and regulate the fluid and or gas. 

Aerospace solenoid valves are designed to control fluid components in environments where high vibrations and large temperature extremes and corrosive fluids are present such as those in aircraft, missiles, spacecraft, and launch vehicles. Simply put if there is a need for controlling air, liquid, or gas flow in larger devices such as valves, fuel metering units, actuators in engine controls, and environmentally controlled applications, there is a solenoid valve in place to controlling it.   

National Machine Group (NMG) Is A Leading Supplier of Solenoid Valves

National Machine Group of Stow, OH has been a force for innovation for the aerospace industry since 1972. NMG has become a leading supplier of custom solenoid valves to aerospace industries nationwide as well as the American armed forces. They have built their reputation for not only their precision manufacturing but also for its dedicated engineering team that assists customers through the customization process from start to finish. 

NMG and Electromotive Inc. specialize in the custom design of solenoids in a wide range of sizes, configurations and performance requirements:

  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • High or Low-Speed Operation
  • Special Environments
  • Special Shapes and Mountings
  • Pressure-Tight for Solenoid Valves
  • EMI Protection
  • Fully Specified Temperature Range
  • Special Materials
  • Reverse-Engineering

If you are searching for a dependable aerospace solenoid valve manufacturer, we recommend that you contact NMG Aerospace today. NMG strictly enforces and operates under a ZERO DEFECTS policy. This prevents the occurrence of dangerous errors, so you can maintain ideal safety standards. Choosing NMG Aerospace means you receive quality, efficiency, and safety in one effective package.

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