Garage Floor Repair | Garage Floor Crack Repair

Garage Floor Repair | Garage Floor Crack Repair

Do you need garage floor repair and garage floor crack repair services near you? Contact Ohio Garage Interiors, Northeast Ohio’s leading garage flooring contractor. OGI offers garage floor repair and resurfacing services as well as epoxy coating installation with competitive pricing.

They offer affordable and precise services, so you can have garage flooring that looks better and lasts longer. Their epoxy floor coatings will also protect from subsequent wear and tear.

With OGI’s affordability and precision, customers receive the most value for their dollar on floor repair and remodeling projects. Call Ohio Garage Interiors today and schedule an in-home inspection to get a free quote for repair and installation services. You can also send photos of your flooring to them if you do not have time for an on-site inspection. OGI’s staff of experienced garage flooring contractors will analyze your flooring’s damaged areas and identify the most effective method for repair.

Most common flooring issues

Issues in concrete garage flooring can appear in many different ways, but some are more common than others. The most common issues are cracking, pitting, and settling, all of which can be repaired by Ohio Garage Interiors.

Cracking and Pitting

Cracking and pitting are essentially inevitable for concrete garage flooring. If these issues are minor, repairs are quick and affordable with the help of a reputable contractor. OGI can repair cracks and pitting with ease and install epoxy to prevent these issues in the future.

Concrete is naturally rigid, so it is guaranteed to experience these issues over time. Concrete also expands and shrinks with temperature and humidity and can crack from thaw cycles in the winter.

Control and contraction joints are also a central cause of cracking. These joints are implemented to keep cracks from spreading across the entire slab; however, they make cracking more common in individual sections of the slab.

If you discover any cracks that are larger than 1/4 inch, they need to ground down and filled prior to resurfacing. OGI uses a cold chisel and hammer or masonry wheel to chase and grind these cracks. They will also clean any loose debris from the cracks with a wire brush.

OGI contractors will then apply concrete crack filler and resurface the concrete to prepare for the installation of garage flooring epoxy. Once cracks form, it is best to treat them before they get any worse. Contact OGI to schedule repairs and protect your garage flooring from any more damages.


Minor settling only requires a simple application of self-leveling concrete. Major settling, however, can result in a complete garage flooring replacement, so consult with a reliable contractor to see what your options are. OGI can help you potentially avoid an expensive replacement with their garage floor repair services.

Schedule an in-home inspection and receive quotes for both repair and replacement. If repairs cost nearly as much as a replacement, it is best to opt for the full replacement.

Do you need to replace your flooring?

Most garage floors exhibit minor issues that can be repaired, so you can avoid a full replacement. Serious damages, however, can mean repairs will not be worth the money, especially in the case of a dropped or shifted concrete slab. Degradation and shifting could be the result of various other issues:

  • Preparation of the concrete was inaccurate during the initial installation
  • Low-quality concrete mix, which results in quicker degradation
  • Water damage from low-quality drainage systems or other types of moisture buildup
  • Thaw cycles throughout the winter
  • Shifting as a result of soil shifting
  • Road salt tracked in on boots and car tires

If you notice any of these major issues with your flooring, you will likely need a garage flooring replacement. Contact OGI for a free in-home inspection and quote before you pay for any repair or replacement services.

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