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Partnering with a Progressive Die Stamping Manufacturer? 

Before partnering with just any progressive die stamping manufacturer, protect your investment, and do the research. Here are just a few things you should consider before you make that partnership. 

Is the manufacturer certified? And what is ISO and why is it important? 

Well, ISO is an abbreviation for the International Organization for Standardization. When a company achieves an ISO 9001:2015 certification they have demonstrated their commitment to employ a Quality Management System (QMS). 

Additionally, they have met and continue to demonstrate their abilities to consistently provide products and services to meet customer and regulatory requirements. Companies that participate in these guidelines stand out above the others. It demonstrates that they are ready and capable to become an industry leader. 

So how do you know if the company is ISO certified? Simply ask for a copy of the companies certification. This will provide you with the name of the registrar who issued the certificate. Check the date to make sure the certification is up to date. And there should be a stamp or seal from the accreditation agency. Once this is obtained you can then contact the registrar on the certificate to verify the company. 

Straightforward Communication 

Tour The Facility

Any business you want to partner with should take the time to create a customer relationship with you. If applicable, take a tour of their facility. This will give you insight into its workflow. Is it well organized and clean? Look at the equipment, does it look clean and well maintained? 

Additionally, check their online reviews to learn more about their past productivity, quality, and customer service. 

Staying Connected

Ensuring you are in the loop of your metal stamping project from beginning to end should be one of their top priorities. Ask questions like how can your team reach out to their quality control representatives? Check the company’s online reviews for satisfied customer service. Do they promptly respond to emails and phone calls, or are you going to pushed aside waiting days for a response? 

When you choose your manufacturer you should feel confident with your choice and know they will be readily available for communications to meet all expectations to ensure a timely process of the project at hand. 


Finding a progressive die stamping manufacturer that meets all your business needs and requirements should also be a top priority. Such as what type of materials do they specialize in. Will your project require heat-treating? What about the thickness of your project? Do they offer design and prototype services? 

Does your company need secondary services and does the supplier in question offer these? Some crucial secondary services to consider are assembly, welding, post-machining, heat treating, and finishing? Knowing your supplier’s capabilities upfront will help you choose the best fitting metal stamping to partner with. 

Experience Within Your Industry Type

When it comes to your industry you will want to partner with a supplier that has the experience and knowledge of your industry to avoid unforeseeably costly mistakes. Such as codes and regulations for where your project will be used. Don’t be afraid to ask for past customer references. And a well experienced and trustworthy supplier should have a number of clients ready and willing to speak on their behalf. 

When you decide to partner with a metal stamping company you are “putting your name on it” so take the time to keep all considerations in mind. Don’t rush in and choose solely based on short-term gains. Make sure you know and understand the potential and capabilities of the metal stamping supplier you choose. 

About Progressive Machine Die (PMD) 

Progressive Machine Die (PMD) has become a leader among progressive die stamping suppliers. They are a full-service Ohio Metal Stamper, offering high-quality metal stamped products. PMD serves a wide range of industries such as bearings, hardware, and gas distribution. 

Additionally, they offer prototyping and design, stamping, production, in-house tooling, and assembly. This company is more than capable of meeting the needs of specific engineering criteria and the strict deadlines your industry relies on. 

They build close working relationships with every client, maintaining consistent contact with rapid response times. Additionally, PMD will ask all the top questions, in the beginning, to understand exactly what you need to ensure satisfaction upon every request. 

Furthermore, PMD is one of the few manufacturers in the U.S. that produces conduit straps and hangers.

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