Finding the Right Epoxy Hardener for Your Project

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The Northeast Ohio business community has a distinct legacy of excellence in the chemical processing and customization industries. Gabriel Performance Products keeps it going with diverse resin and epoxy hardener selections. The Fishbowl team takes great pride in collaborating with the Gabriel Performance Products team and standing behind its dedication to product quality.

Are you ready to get the most out of your project? Learn more about the epoxy hardener selection from Gabriel Performance Products by visiting the company website and reaching out to the team. In addition, you can find more information about the Gabriel Performance Products team and its work by visiting the Fishbowl blog.

Epoxy Hardener Selection

Among a range of other factors, reactivity, durability and resistance to specific forces distinguish one epoxy hardener from another. For example, a polyamide curing agent is usually FDA compliant, boasts a long pot life and withstands both chemical wear and water effectively.  On the other hand, an amidoamine epoxy hardener is notable for being both durable and non-migrating.

When you work with experienced suppliers, you can determine the most cost-effective option for your project. Specifically, the right supplier will get an idea of your goals to guide you through the material selection process.

Epoxy Hardener Options From Gabriel Performance Products

Gabriel Performance Products has a diverse epoxy curing agent selection for any project. A polymercaptan epoxy hardener cures rapidly; many are useful for both metal bonding and the acceleration of other agents. Aromatic, cycloaliphatic and aliphatic amines also offer fast cure times. They are often useful for flooring applications and the manufacturing of fiber-reinforced composite parts.

However, if agent viscosity and durability are critical for your application, then you may benefit most from a polyamide or amidoamine agent. These work well for both and primer coatings electrical potting.

Phenalkamines are notable for an eco-friendly cardanol structure. These agents work well for marine applications and industrial primers, for example. They withstand both mechanical stress and water and cure effectively in low temperatures.

About Gabriel Performance Products

Gabriel Performance Products offers top quality chemical customizations to client businesses across the adhesives, epoxies and composites markets. Customers count on the company for both high-quality products and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.

Have you and your colleagues been looking for a durable epoxy hardener for your next project? If so, then connect with the professionals from Gabriel Performance Products.

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