Zerust Consumer Products Portable Table Saw Cover

Prevent Rust with a Portable Table Saw Cover

Protecting your table saw and blades from rust and corrosion is easy when you use Zerust’s portable table saw cover. We all know power tools are expensive. We also know table saws and other tools are especially susceptible to damage from rust and corrosion. 

Regardless if you use your portable saw for work or weekend home projects, protecting your investment should be a top priority whenever they are not in use. Zerust provides an affordable solution to do so. 

Simply cover the table saw at the end of the day and let it’s technology go to work. In fact, this not only protects your tools from rust and corrosion but will also protect it from dust and moisture. Zerust’s long-lasting covers will continue to work and protect your power tools for up to five years. 

How does Zerust Technology Work? 

So what makes Zerust technology stand out from all the others? It’s really relatively simple. The saw cover is specially designed with an anti-corrosion formula. 

This technology works by emitting an invisible vapor on the entire surface of the saw and blades. Now, don’t fret, this vapor is completely non-toxic, odorless, and invisible. Once this protective vapor has settled in, all chemical reactions that cause rust and corrosion are eliminated.  

Additionally, this vapor will not leave any form of residue on your saw and blades and remains noninvasive. This vapor will not cause any adverse effects. And the vapor will simply diminish once the cover is removed and the table saw is exposed to the open air. 

Zerust products also protect without affecting the electrical and mechanical properties of your tools. In fact, there is no consequence to the functionality after the application of any Zerust products. Zerust’s only objective is to protect from corrosion.

Want to Save Time and Money?

Not only are Zerust products safe, functional, and extremely versatile. They are affordable and can be for multiple applications and protect for up to five years. The Zerust table saw cover will save time and money.

Gone are the days of spending hours with the grease and oils to bring life back into the blades. Simply cover your saw when finished using it and be done. All the while, rest assured that the next time you uncover your table saw it will be ready to use properly. 

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Looking for a way to protect your table saw from rust? Try the Zerust portable table saw cover. Learn more about Zerust on the Fishbowl Design Blog or visit their website.