Starting Transit Safety Training? Know the Basics First

transit safety training video set

Transit Safety Training 

Getting ready to start transit safety training? Worrying about making mistakes and trying to memorize everything can be overwhelming. However, the learning and studying processes should not overwhelm you.

Overall, when you stick to the common-sense basics of safety, you can get the most out of your transit safety training and truly make an impact on the job, as a result. See below for some of the basics.  

Prioritize Safety, Above All

Timeliness should never come before safety. If you cannot address issues directly, then bring any potential safety risks to the attention of your supervisor as soon as possible. A commitment to safety should also include walk-around checks for damage before and after each trip. For example, a responsible driver should check for correct mirror positioning and tire damage, for example.  

Stay Alert Behind the Wheel

Be sure to maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and others when driving. Remember that buses take longer than cars to stop completely. You should also be mindful of your blind spots; take extra care when switching lanes. 

Stay Prepared for Every Trip

Be sure to keep all the weather conditions in mind. Stay up to date with local weather reports. Watch your speed in both rainy and snowy conditions to maintain safety.

You should also know your bus routes inside and out. Be sure to memorize any applicable alternate routes and keep both a GPS and paper map in your vehicle.  

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