Glass Block Dryer Vent | Are They Effective?

glass block dryer vent

Glass Block Dryer Vent

A glass block dryer vent is what you can use to vent your dryer through your glass block window. These dryer vents are installed within your glass block windows and sealed into the window, the only opening is from the heat exhausted from your dryer. While the dryer is running, the heat is transported outside of your home. This is mainly because it improves safety.

Glass block dryer vents are in a square shape, similar to your glass block shape, and they have a vent on one end that directs the excess air downward and out. The inside of the dryer vent directly attaches to the duct that will direct the excess air to the dryer vent.

Perks of a Glass Block Dryer Vent

Getting a glass block dryer vent will improve your dryer setup. Here are some perks that you can benefit from when you choose a glass block dryer vent.


Having a glass block dryer vent is so important to your safety because the lack of a dryer vent removes the ability of avoiding unwanted moisture and humidity in your home, which can lead to mold and mildew growth. In some instances, gas dryers put off certain amounts of carbon monoxide that is harmful to you and your family.

Low Maintenance of Glass Block Dryer Vents

Vinyl dryer vents for glass block windows are a very popular choice and a key benefit of vinyl dryer vents are how long lasting they are. Dryer vents made from vinyl have no chance of peeling or rusting, like some other dryer vents. Even with reduced maintenance that comes with using vinyl glass block dryer vents, it is beneficial to clean your dryer vent every 6-12 months and check for loose lint, to avoid any fire possibilities.

You can tell if your glass block dryer vent needs to be cleaned if it is taking your clothes longer to dry than usual, or your clothes are still damp after the drying cycle, if there is a noticeable accumulation of lint around your dryer vent, a musty odor accompanying the drying cycle, and if the dryer itself is unusually hot.

Sizes of Glass Block Dryer Vents

No matter the size of the glass blocks on your glass block window, there are different sizes of glass block dryer vents available to fit your glass block window.


Glass block dryer vents are very easy to install into your glass block window, you don’t need to drill and cut holes into existing glass blocks, these dryer vents fit perfectly in your glass block window. If you ever have to remove or switch out your glass block window dryer vent, it is easy to remove it and replace it.

Automatic Shutter Option

Different kinds of glass block dryer vents bring different perks, a great feature that you should look for are automatic shutters. Automatic shutters open and close as to whether the dryer is running or not. The automatic shutters are a good added security measure from nearby critters. Insects and small rodents, if given the space, will invade your dryer system and the shutters eliminate that possibility.

Where to Find Glass Block Dryer Ventsa glass block dryer vent

You can find glass block dryer vents in a wide range of companies that provide home construction or glass block products, even with that wide variety, it may be the best option to go to a glass block and glass block accessory specialist. With a dryer vent you can save money on your heating bill, since the additional heat will leave your home. Reach out to an expert provider in glass block dryer vents today!