Exterior Glass Block Windows | Top 3 Things You Need to Know

exterior glass block windows have different glass block dimensions

What Are Exterior Glass Block Windows?

Glass block windows are usually found in basements and bathrooms, but they can be installed just about anywhere. Unlike traditional windows, which are made of a single pane of transparent glass, glass block windows are made of multiple pieces of thick glass inserted into a frame. Thick glass blocks let light flood into the room without letting you see through them. This gives the room both natural light and privacy. Glass block windows are commonly used in areas to allow exterior light in. However, Glass Block windows can also be used to decorate interior spaces as well. 

3 Benefits of Exterior Glass Block Windows

If you want to install glass block windows in your basement, bathroom, or ground floor windows, there are several benefits.

exterior glass block windows1. Energy Efficiency

Some factory-built glass block windows meet Energy Star efficiency guidelines, making them more energy-efficient. You can identify these energy-efficient windows by finding the Energy Star designation on the glass. 

Standard glass block windows are about as efficient as thermal-pane windows, twice as efficient as single-pane windows, and are airtight. Glass block windows can reduce the amount of heat lost through the window due to their thickness and airtight nature. 

Moreover, exterior glass block windows are renowned for allowing light into even the darkest of spaces, therefore saving on energy costs associated with lighting basements and other dark areas.

You can also vent glass block windows to allow for airflow, increasing energy efficiency and reducing cooling costs.

2. Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Glass blocks are great for more than just exterior windows. They can be used to make dramatic, upscale shower doors, wet bars, garage windows, partition walls, and large exterior windows.

There are several designs, patterns, colors, and even customized etchings available to homeowners.

In general, however, glass block projects are more practical in application, like basements and bathrooms. If you are looking for a distinctive alternative to traditional glass panes, the installation of glass blocks can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal.

3. Increased Protection and Security

Exterior glass block windows are especially useful for basements and first-floor windows because they are very hard to breach. They’re made of masonry, which means they’re nearly impossible to remove. 

Because glass block windows are so secure, they’re also great at sealing your basement from flood damage. That’s why homeowners are increasingly turning to glass blocks to make their basement windows not only more secure but also virtually waterproof.

Glass Block Panel vs. Glass Block Window

You may see the terms ‘panels’ and ‘windows’ when browsing glass block options. Are they the same? Not quite, but they do have some similarities. But before we get to the commonalities, let’s first take a look at their differences.

The main difference between a panel and a window is the glass block window dimensions, or put more simply, their size and frame. Clear Choice® Panels don’t require painting, caulking, or puttying. Unlike mortar-based panels, these panels are built using silicone and require very little maintenance once installed. Clear Choice Panels are typically used as replacement windows for homes and bathrooms. Adding a glass block window vent to these panels makes them perfect for bathroom, kitchen, and basement applications.

Prefabricated Clear Choice Windows are most ideal for new construction homes and businesses where the foundation can be built around the window. 

Glass blocks come in hundreds of varieties. As a result, the glass in your panels will offer the greatest amount of artistic flexibility. 

It is also important to consider privacy when installing a new glass block window. Choosing the right pattern for your glass block depends on where your window is located in your home or business. In a bathroom for example, you may want a more distinctive pattern on the window for more privacy. Patterns that distort the image the most would be ideal for a space like this. 

In areas such as kitchens and basements where privacy is not as important, patterns that allow for maximum light transmission are ideal. A major advantage of using glass blocks in your home is the ability to customize your window or panel to match your style and needs. 

For your next interior or exterior renovation  consider factoring in glass block windows.