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Don’t Know Where To Find Crane Rental In Columbus Ohio?

If you’re unsure of where the best crane rental in Columbus Ohio is,  look to General Crane. General Crane is a leader in crane rental and customer service and ranks among one of the largest and most diverse crane inventories in the Midwest. 

General Crane is committed to professionalism, safety, cost-efficiency, and productivity. It’s why individuals and businesses everywhere rely on General Crane to help them complete projects and navigate worksites. 

Whether you’ve used cranes in the past or not, you know there are many considerations you have to make. For any one project, your needs and requirements may change. Take a look at what General Crane has to offer you for your next project.

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Columbus Crane Rental Options

At General Crane, you’re given a wide selection of cranes for your project. The all-terrain cranes are cranes that can travel over both rough terrain and public roads. These cranes have extra tires for increased stability, which is optimal for projects that need a swift crane that can go off-road. With this crane, you are guaranteed maneuverability on your worksite. 

If you need to carry heavier loads, a crawler crane might be the best option for you. Crawler cranes specialize in traveling over a variety of surfaces, except soft soil. These cranes are extremely heavy and slow, and they cannot transport themselves between sites, so keep that in mind. 

You may also consider renting a boom truck for your worksite. Boom trucks are unique hydraulic cranes that lift workers up to sites to do work. These cranes can also help with lifting heavy loads from the ground to an elevated location. You might require a boom truck if you’re doing powerline maintenance, tree trimming, bridge construction, or perhaps cleaning windows. Plus, these trucks can travel at highway speeds, so transportation is a breeze.

If your job site isn’t in a public location or common area, perhaps you are wondering about cranes that can off-road. The rough terrain crane is the answer. This crane has four large rubber tires that increase stability no matter the terrain, which makes them ideal for certain construction sites. These cranes can go places other cranes can’t and will help you get the job done. 

General Crane offers these options and more, so call today at (330) 908-0001 to discuss your options for crane rental in Columbus Ohio.

crane rental columbus ohio

Additional Services

In addition to crane rental, General Crane offers an unbeatable standard of customer service. They have customers ranging from steel erectors to carpenters to electricians, and each and every customer is treated with the highest level of professionalism.

So what else do they offer? General Crane has a host of accessories, including: manlifts, scissor lifts, man baskets, crane mats, lifting beams, and concrete buckets. Plus, they also have 6 acres of storage offered to customers located at I-271 and Forbes Road in Macedonia, Ohio. Customers can use both short term and long term storage, with both indoor and outdoor options available. This is a one-of-a-kind service you won’t find elsewhere.


About General Crane Rental

General Crane Rental, LLC is a premier crane rental service that both rents cranes and buys and sells new and used equipment. At General Crane, customer service is the top priority, and this team will ensure all of your needs are met and questions are answered.

This company rents the best in all-terrain cranes, rough terrain cranes, truck cranes, crawler cranes, carry deck cranes, boom trucks, and more. Their specialists will listen to your heads and help you identify which equipment is best. And, if your crane can’t transport itself, General Crane will assist in pick up and delivery. 

Want to learn more or talk to a crane specialist? Visit today.