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Finished Basement Flooring

Are you looking to install new basement flooring in Northeast Ohio? Ohio Garage Interiors offers the best basement flooring options on the market with superior quality and competitive pricing. Choosing OGI means you get to work with industry-leading professionals who will work by your side to ensure you receive the best flooring for your home. In fact, OGI offers the strongest and longest-lasting flooring products on the market, so you always get the most value for your dollar.

OGI’s basement flooring epoxy is made with polyaspartic polyurea, so it forms an impenetrable defense for the underlying concrete. Dirt, dust, mold, mildew, flooding, road salt, chemicals, and even industrial-grade impacts are no match for OGI basement flooring! This epoxy offers more than just superior protection, however. OGI flooring is also easy to clean, slip-resistant, and fully customizable, allowing you to install functional, low-maintenance flooring with a style that suits your living space.

If your basement currently has a bare concrete floor, your floor is vulnerable to issues like moisture damage that require expensive repairs. Prevent damages before they can occur by getting in touch with the basement flooring experts at Ohio Garage Interiors today!

Why choose OGI over low-cost alternatives?

Picking out the ideal flooring for your home is a difficult process. If you are searching for basement flooring options online, you have likely run into countless products claiming to offer the best quality and value. You could also be considering removing contractors from the equation and installing the flooring yourself with DIY to save more money. Unfortunately, low-cost alternatives like DIY and natural stone flooring carry a myriad of hidden issues and costs.

Natural stone flooring

Budget flooring options are everywhere, but naturestone flooring stands out as incredibly popular among Ohio homeowners. Not only do natural stone flooring companies offer deceptively low initial prices, but the natural aesthetic is a look many homeowners are looking for. Many natural stone flooring companies claim their products require minimal maintenance with prices as low as 99 cents per square foot! However, they fail to mention that natural stone comes with a wide variety of weaknesses and issues that lead to extra costs over time.

In fact, natural stone is significantly weaker than other flooring options and is vulnerable to all sorts of wear and tear. As a result, a new natural stone floor will begin showing damages and defects shortly after installation. This will require you to perform expensive repairs and maintenance on flooring you just paid for. Furthermore, many natural stone companies require customers to perform repairs directly through the installer and will void warranties otherwise.

With Ohio Garage Interiors, you can avoid defects and costly repairs with high-strength epoxy basement flooring installed by professionals. If you still want the nature stone look for your basement flooring, OGI flooring is fully customizable, so your new floor always fits your sense of style.

Natural Stone Flooring

DIY epoxy and paints

DIY is also a common choice for homeowners. These products are easy to find and offer exceptionally low prices compared to professional installation. So, people see DIY kits as a viable budget option that cuts out the middleman and reduces material costs. However, DIY epoxy and paints consist of low-quality materials that provide little to no protection for concrete surfaces.

The low-quality materials also cause your new DIY flooring to form defects such as warping and peeling quickly and frequently. As a result, you will need to perform regular repairs or replace the flooring completely, wasting valuable time and money.

You can avoid these issues by teaming up with professionals like the experts at OGI. Ohio Garage Interiors basement flooring is high-strength and defect-free, so you can avoid the frequent maintenance and repairs from DIY products and natural stone flooring.

About Ohio Garage Interiors Basement Flooring

Ohio Garage Interiors is an entirely locally owned and operated company offering the best basement flooring installation and repair services in Northeast Ohio. Father-son team Chad & Scott Gleske founded OGI to provide Ohio homes and businesses with reliable, affordable flooring solutions. Now, installing high-quality basement flooring is easier than ever.

With OGI, you receive service from expert flooring contractors who will provide friendly customer service at every step of the way. Most importantly, OGI’s contractors will combine high-quality materials with high-precision installation techniques, ensuring you receive the best flooring for your home. Furthermore, OGI never hires subcontractors to complete projects, so you will always receive service from genuine, local professionals.

If you have been looking for basement flooring companies in Northeast Ohio, look no further than Ohio Garage Interiors. Whether you need installation, repair, or replacement services, OGI can get the job done. OGI offers flooring services year-round, so do not hesitate to get in touch and schedule an inspection for a free estimate! Visit their website today at to learn more.

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