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Do you need garage flooring installation or repair services in Northeast Ohio? If your concrete garage floors are bare and lacking any form of protection, it may be time for an upgrade. Ohio Garage Interiors can restore your concrete and install high-strength garage floor coatings for further protection. OGI offers precise service with competitive pricing, so Ohio homeowners can receive new garage flooring that looks better and lasts longer.

The typical garage endures extreme levels of traffic from residents, visitors, cars and other vehicles. Ohio also has hot and humid summers, which leads to hot tire pickup and tread marks. Furthermore, the intense winters, which introduce road salt and thaw cycles.

As a result, bare concrete flooring will shrink, expand, crack and degrade quickly. Additionally, your garage flooring is frequently exposed to dust, dirt, fuels, oils, chemicals and more potential hazards.

OGI, however, can install epoxy garage floor coatings with exceptional strength to protect your flooring against the harsh Ohio garage environment. They are also constantly improving upon their concrete coatings and other products. As a result, OGI customers always receive the finest garage flooring on the market.

There are many different methods and products available for coatings and covering concrete surfaces. However, most of them are not worth your time or money. OGI’s polyaspartic garage floor coatings are your best bet for protecting your garage flooring.

OGI polyaspartic garage floor coatings

Polyaspartic garage floor coatings are the best solution for installing new garage flooring that is easy to clean and exceptionally durable. These coatings offer unparalleled protection against any potential hazards such as mold, mildew, chemicals, road salt, abrasions and more.

OGI contractors will apply a coating to your garage flooring, which will then form a permanent bond with the concrete. As a result, your flooring receives an impenetrable, long-lasting defense against wear and tear. OGI epoxy also offers impermeability against water, dirt, dust and other debris.

Furthermore, OGI can add decorative flakes to your new garage floor coatings, giving you a unique style and a more personalized final product. This also minimizes the visibility of dirt and dust, so your flooring maintains a stunning aesthetic without excessive maintenance.

Products and methods to avoid | Garage Floor Coatings

DIY garage floor epoxy coatings

DIY epoxy kits and epoxy paints are becoming an increasingly popular option for Ohio homeowners. These products are available in nearly any home improvement store, so they are convenient for those looking for a quick fix. They are also much cheaper than other available options.

However, affordable pricing comes at a significant price. DIY epoxy offers some protection, but it is not nearly as strong or long-lasting as polyaspartic coating systems.

These products also bring along various expensive disadvantages. For an effective installation, the temperature in the garage cannot be too extreme and the installer has to work without making any small mistakes. Even the slightest issue can cause result in a litany of visual defects and insufficient protection for the underlying concrete. Additionally, repairs and maintenance are frequent and costly.

Garage concrete resurfacing

Concrete resurfacers are also a common method for repairing and installing garage flooring. These resurfacers contain sand, Portland materials, polymer materials, and other additives. The main purpose of these products is to restore any defects like cracks in pitting. However, resurfacing does not completely fix the concrete flooring.

These resurfacing products only fix cosmetic issues on the surface of the flooring rather than actually rectifying any serious damages. In fact, if your flooring has deep cracks, spalling, major pitting or major settling, concrete resurfacers will solve none of the issues.

Garage floor coverings

Coverings for garage flooring include things like floor mats, parking pads, rugs, and trays. These are most often applied in colder climates with significant snowfall. Thus, the coverings tend to get extremely wet during the winter months. They do offer some surface-level, superficial protection; however, they cannot protect against more significant forms of wear and tear.

The main use for garage floor coverings is managing buildup of rain, snow and ice tracked in by cars. Unfortunately, these coverings require frequent draining, and they are extremely heavy when holding excessive amounts of water. Additionally, if these coverings are not drained often enough, the overall level of condensation in the garage increases. As a result, this water will leak into the cement and cause nearly irreparable damage.

Overall, garage floor coverings are more of a hassle than an effective flooring solution.


Roll-on sealers are a popular product with an easy and quick application process, so many homeowners see them as the ideal budget flooring option. However, they don’t offer much protection against staining and water damage. These sealers do not bond with the concrete and wear more quickly than other options.


Repairing small defects with sealers, crack fillers and patching products can be effective in the short-term. However, they do not prevent further damage, and they cannot repair more serious damages. Patching also leaves your garage with an inconsistent, “patchy” look, so a full installation of polyaspartic epoxy is likely the better solution.

Concrete floor paints

Garage flooring paint is one of the most common products for residential garage flooring. However, these are probably the worst product to invest in. They offer no protection for the concrete, functioning as a purely cosmetic addition. Most people use these paints because they are easy to install and affordable.

Many believe these paints offer some protection, but they peel and chip quickly, requiring frequent maintenance and reapplication.

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