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About Brookfield Wire | Wire Supplier

As one of the top wire suppliers in the United States, Brookfield manufactures the best stainless steel wire products on the market. They also offer the experience and versatility to deliver products the meet and exceed even the toughest standards with various tempers, finishes, sizes, and chemistries. Additionally, Brookfield offers custom wire for customers with unique application requirements.

Brookfield Wire Company, Inc has been a leader in wire and cable manufacturing since 1948. Their 70,000-square-foot facility houses advanced production machinery, so they can meet the requirements of any application.

Customers can also contact Brookfield to learn more about less common alloys or any of their 50+ available standard alloys. Brookfield has a wide selection of rubber products with competitive pricing and quick lead times:

  • Safety Wire | Lockwire
  • Fishing and Marine Wire
  • Round, Flat and Shaped Wire
  • Brush Wire
  • Insulated Wire
  • Flat Roll
  • Wire Drawing
  • Straight and Cut Wire
  • Wire Packaging

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