Floorscapes | Wood Floor Installation Stow

Floorscapes | Wood Floor Installation Stow

Since 2006, Floorscapes has created durable, versatile and beautiful flooring solutions for their surrounding communities.  Floorscapes offers every kind of flooring you can imagine including cork, tile, laminate, and wood floor installation in Stow, Ohio.  In addition to flooring, their team offers the complete look with custom trim, moldings, and backsplash.

As a leader in the local flooring scene, Floorscapes has built their reputation on trust and doing the job right.  Their team of professional floor contractors follows through with deadlines and never cuts corners.

Floorscapes Slate Flooring Floorscapes Slate Flooring Installation

Floorscapes offers a variety of flooring types and endless color combinations.  Flooring types include hardwood, tile, cork, laminate, slate, and more! Year after year, wood floor installation proves to be a timeless trend.  While searching for your next wood floor installation in Stow, consider Floorscapes.

Wood Floor Installation | Stow

The flooring serves as one of your home’s main conversation pieces.  Flooring takes up a large portion of your interior and is used day in and day out.  When deciding on a floor, you want durability, versatility, and beauty. Wood floor offers these traits and more!Wood Floor Installation Stow

With possibilities ranging from traditional hardwood flooring to engineered hardwood, Floorscapes team of flooring professionals can help you find the solution that works best for your home and your budget.  

Hardwood flooring has a number of benefits including easy cleaning and a long lifespan.  Traditional hardwood flooring has many variabilities including species, hardness, and styles.  Additionally, Floorscapes provides custom stains and paints. Engineered hardwood flooring is another option in the wood floor family.  Composed of 75% recycled materials, engineered hardwood flooring is not only environmentally-friendly and beautiful but also durable. With diverse options comes diverse pricing.  Talk wood floor installation with the Floorscapes team and discover the best option for you.

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Fishbowl Design provides a full range of marketing services for businesses in the Northeast, Ohio area.  Our services include web and logo design, SEO, Social Media Management, and more. Fishbowl facilitates custom marketing strategies designed to propel each of our clients’ business models forward.  

Fishbowl is proud to work with the Floorscapes team.  Not only are they amazing people, but the work that they do is also of the utmost quality.  Floorscapes is detail-oriented from start to finish, beginning with proper sub-flooring and leaving their clients homes clean and with gorgeous new flooring.  For your next flooring project, whether it be tile or wood floor installation, consider Floorscapes.

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