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City Bus Driver Training Courses

A thorough, professional city bus driver training course is essential for drivers who want to encourage safety on the road. When choosing a training course, you’ll want to consider what benefits you want. Maybe you want a course that you can access remotely. Maybe you want to choose a company that makes courses for a variety of driving skills, in addition to city bus driver training.

City Bus Driver Training

TAPTCO Transit and Paratransit Company offer all of this and more. Their award-winning bus driver training programs are used by professionals and industries everywhere looking to facilitate a culture of safety on the road. 

TAPTCO offers city bus driver training and much more, so read on to learn about the programming offered by this industry-leading company.

Additional Courses by TAPTCO

TAPTCO’s transit operator development course is a comprehensive program designed to encourage safe, high-quality service on the road. This course includes 33 video-based training programs, a training syllabus, an operator study guide, a mastery test, and more.

With TAPTCO’s city bus driver training, you’ll get a complete overview of the industry as well as practical skills to use on the road. You’ll study federal regulations for professional driving, safety and defensive driving skills, passenger safety, and more.

TAPTCO’s safety courses are FTA compliant, and they include additional programs to teach skills beyond just driving. In their city bus driver training course, you’ll also learn about preventing harassment. This program will teach what constitutes harassment, the effects of harassment, and ways to reduce the occurrence of harassment in the workplace. You’ll also study drug and alcohol awareness. This program will discuss the importance of a drug-free workplace and will cover drug testing procedures. 

When you choose TAPTCO, you have the option of numerous training courses, in addition to their comprehensive city bus driver training. They offer a safety leadership course which details why accidents happen and how leadership skills can prevent them. This course encourages the development of safety norms, which create a culture of safety and respect and ultimately achieve higher results.

TAPTCO also offers a bus garage safety toolkit in OSHA compliance. This is a practical course for bus operations and safety. This course has programs for 23 subjects to make sure you have done everything possible to prevent injuries to shop employees. The course also has three subjects for drivers to understand to ensure OSHA requirements are fulfilled.

TAPTCO understands the power of safety and learning, which is why their courses are trusted by experts everywhere. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.


About TAPTCO Transit and Paratransit Company

For more than three decades, TAPTCO has served as an industry leader in bus driver training programs. Their specialties include fleet operations and safety, industrial psychology, instructional design, and media production.

If you need comprehensive city bus driver training, then you can rely on TAPTCO for all of your needs. These safety video programs and safety guides were created by performance improvement experts who understand the dynamics of the road and also understand that creating safety norms is essential. Not only will these courses provide practical driving skills, but you’ll be equipped with leadership skills and communicative abilities to better perform in your role as a driver.

TAPTCO’s courses are all available on DVD, thumb drive, or using their online learning management system. When you use online delivery, you benefit from access from any location (including remote), the ability to track your training, and the ability to create reports to document the training. So not only are you getting an award-winning course, but you’re able to access it quickly and easily. If you want to learn more about web-based pricing, call 1-855-963-3900. 

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