Silicone Extrusion China | 3 Reasons to Choose Wuxi Aomeite

Silicone Extrusion China | 3 Reasons to Choose Wuxi Aomeite

Fishbowl Design recognizes the value that experts like Wuxi Aomeite offer to the rubber manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing rubber and silicone components require the utmost precision and high-quality materials. If you are looking for silicone manufacturing services, contact the silicone extrusion China experts at Wuxi Aomeite. Working with a proven silicone extrusion manufacturer means you always receive components that meet your application’s performance requirements. Wuxi offers the expertise necessary for creating custom silicone components for even the toughest applications, so you can rely on them for the components you need.

Fishbowl Design works with Wuxi Aomeite to help them reach more potential clients. Wuxi has the resources and experience to help countless customers make the components they need. Check out these 3 reasons why you should choose Wuxi Aomeite over other silicone manufacturers.

Manufacturing Versatility

Wuxi works to create silicone rubber products that meet and exceed the performance requirements of customer applications. They offer a variety of Chinese-manufactured silicone and silicone sponge extrusions to fulfill specifications of virtually any application. Wuxi also offers extrusions in a wide range of densities and colors. Furthermore, they can create custom compounds and blends for more unique application requirements.

Whether small, large, simple, or complex, Wuxi can manufacture custom rubber extrusions that match your exact specifications. Additionally, Wuxi can meet existing and proven application requirements, improve them or design custom extrusions from scratch.

From custom window and door seals to other custom component shapes, Wuxi can work with you from material selection to final production, offering design and manufacturing recommendations along the way.

High-Quality Materials

Wuxi Aomeite supplies a wide variety of silicone materials including silicone, silicone rubber, fluorosilicone, and custom compounds. As a result, they can create high-quality extrusions for a wider range of applications. With their material resources, Wuxi can create silicone tubing, gaskets, cords, and more!

Furthermore, Wuxi exercises innovative manufacturing techniques with a staff of industry experts. So, they can meet and exceed customer expectations and make deliveries on time. 

Decades of Experience in Silicone Extrusion China

Wuxi Aomeite has been an industry leader in silicone extrusion China since 1988. When it comes to precision and quality, Wuxi is the very best. Their team of expert designers offers a commitment to quality you won’t find anywhere else. As a result, Wuxi has become a top silicone and rubber molding company in China.

Wuxi started as one of China’s smaller silicone rubber manufacturers. However, they quickly grew and began offering hand fabrications as well as other diversified rubber molding services. Now, with a wider range of high-precision services, Wuxi offers more value than any of its competitors.

Wuxi has more than thirty years of experience in the rubber molding industry, so it can handle even the most unique challenges. They can also complete rubber molding projects with requirements they have never encountered. With expert intuition and near-comprehensive industry knowledge, Wuxi can successfully create parts for any project.

Wuxi offers unmatched expertise and versatility to manufacture parts for nearly any application. As a result, a wide variety of industries depend on Wuxi for their silicone component needs. The construction, telecommunications, automotive, and aerospace all rely on Wuxi for high-quality products.

Fishbowl Design | Silicone Extrusion China | Wuxi Aomeite

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If you are looking for silicone extrusion services, you can trust the silicone extrusion China experts from Wuxi Aomeite. Learn more about Wuxi Aomeite on the Fishbowl Design Blog or visit their website.

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