School Bus Safety

School Bus Safety

With all the talk today about school safety, one thing that can be overlooked is school bus safety. For over twenty years, the School Bus Safety Company has been creating programs, videos and driver training courses to ensure that your most precious cargo is safe and prepared in case of an emergency. Located in Hudson, Ohio, the School Bus Safety Company is the number one resource for bus driver training school bus safety videos. Not only that, they also have programs for students to learn bus safety as well as programs on bullying and special needs. They understand that the first step to safety is training the drivers and students the right way. The more training, the more preparedness.

You can click on the link and go to their website to request a free demo CD to see what the company is all about or you can request free PSAs or free webinars. Their programs get results and they have been trusted by officials throughout the country. This is a testimonial from William Ricketson who specializes at  Waters Transportation Services in Columbus, Mississippi –

“The training material has been instrumental in reducing accidents by increasing the drivers’ awareness and knowledge. We went from having accidents and incidents on our buses during the first year of operations to reducing them to zero for the 3rd year.”

The leaders at the School Bus Safety Company has earned multiple awards for their safety training programs and their programs are specifically designed by a team of performance improvement experts. Bring the safety of school and extend it to the mobile part of the school.

A school bus safety lesson may seem unimportant but it’s actually one of the most important lessons a person can learn in their lives. The creators of the School Bus Safety Company have been teaching drivers, students and pedestrians the importance of safety on and off buses for over twenty years and they are passionate and excited about their programs and messages. This link above will take you to a testimonial by Frank Kelly. He had been in the school bus industry for many years and loved it and then moved on to the armed forces where he was responsible for the safe operations of over 5,000 vehicles and wanted to return to the school bus area when his last tour was over in the army. What he found at his new job surprised him and he decided to take action. He found many schools are quite passionate about the kids and people love their jobs, they just didn’t know their actions could be improved.

The School Bus Safety Company has created school bus safety lessons to ensure that people take more action. Complacency and doing the minimum amount of effort to meet regulations are two traps that many schools, drivers and busing programs fall into. The SBSC creates programs that have NORMS that are a set of standards that are set across the board to make sure each person is contributing and doing their job to the best of their ability. Only the highest of safety standards are allowed with their programs and these are proven to reduce accidents. The School Bus Safety Company believes firmly in doing it right the first time, every time. Nothing is more precious than your children and you want to put them into the hands of people you know you can trust. If those people were trained and certified by the SBSC, then you can rest assured, your children are in good hands.

Headed by Jeff Cassell, The School Bus Safety Company has been offering groundbreaking and award-winning services in school bus driver training with their renowned school bus training videos. The New Driver Training Course now comes with an additional ten subjects that includes everything you need to prepare your drivers to be the best they can be. High quality videos depict realistic situations and model correct behavior. Animations and discussion pages enhance the learning points while quizzes allow for knowledge checks. Wall posters provide ongoing reinforcement of the most important points for students, teachers and drivers.

Each course contains 25 instructional DVDs, a final exam and 15 educational posters. In addition, the kit includes:

    • A Driver Study Guide: This guide is used in the classroom, in the yard and during the behind-the-wheel skills-based training. It includes a complete and accurate description of every major skill in the course. [One guide is included. You’ll want to purchase one for each new driver you train.]
    • A Classroom Trainer’s Guide with instructions on how to teach each lesson.
    • A Behind-The-Wheel Trainer’s Guide that explains how to coach a driver behind-the-wheel to achieve professional performance.

Every video and program is designed by experts in the fields of fleet operations and safety, industrial psychology, instructional design and media production. During the past seven years, 83 children have sadly lost their lives in the School Bus Danger Zone. That’s 12 tragedies per year and these are tragedies that affect the lives of countless people, parents, family, friends, school officials, teachers and many more. The goal of the School Bus Safety Company is to do everything they can to reduce these catastrophes from Twelve to zero by promoting school bus safety. It works in four areas with educating drivers, learning about the actual school buses, educating other drivers and educating the students. Every child fatality is a catastrophe. Even one is unacceptable and that is why the School Bus Safety Company has given away over 4,000 copies of their Danger Zones program so they can raise awareness of school bus safety and why it is so important to practice. With their school bus training videos and programs, the School Bus Safety Company is dedicated to keeping students, drivers and pedestrians safe at every moment. They only offer the best quality products. Go today and see how they can help transform your school bus safety program.