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Rotary Vane Pump | Becker Pumps

Is your facility in need of new and improved central air machinery? If so, Becker Pumps has the best options for efficient and reliable machinery. Furthermore, they specialize in the development of air system technologies; thus, their machines are always improving as well as their means for repairing them. Whether it’s a rotary vane pump, regenerative blower, or any other type of vacuum pump, Becker has many high-quality options to choose from.

The overall efficiency and profitability of a facility can depend heavily on the centralized air system. Air systems take up a significant portion of the total power consumption. The consumption of energy directly impacts the efficiency, profitability, and environmental friendliness of any facility; therefore, installing a central air system with advanced, high-efficiency machines is paramount for managing reasonable energy usage as well as overall productivity. However, many businesses employ central air machinery that is bulky and noisy. Some believe the size and sound of these machines indicates high efficiency, but this is a misconception. These machines tend to contain inefficient technology that creates distracting noise and drains unnecessary amounts of energy.

Becker Pumps creates machinery that is extremely efficient yet compact and quiet. Their products are the best solution for improving your central air system.

Why Choose Becker Pumps?

During their time in the industry, Becker has built a respectable reputation. They have become synonymous with reliable, state-of-the-art machinery and high-quality customer service. Becker has been designing and engineering central air technologies since 1885. This unparalleled experience allows them to exceed the expectations of their clients and maintain an innovative mission. The rotary vane pump is one of Becker’s most significant innovations and is one of the most environmentally-friendly machines of its kind.

Today, Becker has become a leader in both innovation of technology and overall product quality. The improvement of their machinery has always been a goal for Becker Pumps. They continue to dedicate their time and focus their resources on the further development of air system technologies.

Oil-less Rotary Vane Pump

Becker’s rotary vane pump is fairly similar to other vane pumps in the industry. These pumps have some unique characteristics, however. Becker’s oil-less rotary vane pumps contain a series of sliding vanes on a rotor. These vanes are essential for the pumping of air. Becker’s rotary pumps also experience no internal, metal-to-metal contract, creating much less wear and tear damage over time; thus, relative to other machinery, Becker pumps maintain maximum performance for longer periods of time. This also means maintenance needs are minimized.

Advantages of the Rotary Vane Pump

Becker’s rotary vane pumps have a wide variety of advantages. The following is a short list of these unique characteristics:

  • 100% Oil-less Operation
  • Cool and Quiet Operation
  • Direct Drive
  • Discharge Silencers
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Inlet Filters
  • Long Vane Lifespan
  • Low Maintenance
  • Vacuum Regulators

Which Pump is Best for the Job?

These rotary pumps offer a multitude of benefits and advantages for a variety of applications. They are not always the best option, however. Situations that call for machinery capable of imbibing large amounts of water or producing incredibly deep vacuum levels are not compatible with these pumps. Thankfully, Becker has options for applications outside the realm of their rotary vane pumps. With Becker’s quality and variety, finding what you need is not a challenge. They design pumps to run at low temperatures and noise volumes, self-lubricate, and maintain extensive longevity. Becker Pumps technologies are also applicable in many diverse industries. The packaging, robotics, graphic arts, medical, and surgical industries are just a handful.

If your facility is in need of a central air system upgrade, contact Becker Pumps. Their quality and quantity of products will have the solution you need. Learn more about Becker’s rotary vane pump and other products on the Fishbowl Design Blog.