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Ride On Spreader

Are you looking for a more reliable ride on spreader? Turfware is a leading designer and manufacturer of ride on fertilizer spreaders. They have created the TR360, a state-of-the-art ride on spreader with many patent-pending features for improved operation. The Turfware TR360 ride on spreader also offers the benefits of intuitive controls and superior stability. As a result, spreading fertilizer on side hills and slopes has never been easier. Furthermore, the TR360’s dual hopper allows for simultaneous spreading of two different products. The TR360 is designed with unique, efficient features, so you can save time.

A Ride-On Spreader That Isn’t Always Broken

Turfware has designed the TR360 ride on fertilizer spreader for operation in tough applications involving corrosive materials and products. With a stainless-steel construction and durable components, the TR360 ride on sprayer can endure even the most challenging environmental conditions. Furthermore, TR360 parts will last five times longer than standard components. As a result, this spreader is incredibly low maintenance, and the simple design makes performing maintenance easier than ever.

The TR360 also solves one of the most significant issues ride on spreaders encounter: side hills and slopes. Turfware has spent over 20,000 hours developing the TR360 spreader, so they could provide improved stability for uneven terrain. As a result, Turfware’s ride on fertilizer spreaders make slopes and side hills easy for any operator to navigate without experiencing rototilling. Turfware’s TR360 spreader holds hills better.

Turfware has complete quality control at its Stow manufacturing plant. They utilize the most current equipment for machining, laser cutting, forming, and fabrication. Choosing Turfware means you get a ride on spreader with superior design from a company that works tirelessly to manufacture the best products in their industry.

TR360 Ride-On Spreader Features

  • Developed with over 20,000 hours of testing.
  • Improved slope and side hill stability. This ride on spreader holds hills better.
  • Stainless-steel Design
  • Intuitive and responsive hydrostatic operator controls replace inconvenient gear drive transmissions.
  • Reliable HONDA Motor with electric start and recoil backup.
  • Simple design for easy operation and maintenance.
  • Hydrostatic differential plumbing circuit
  • No gears, belts or pulleys
  • Pivot point assembly – Patent Pending
  • Rotomolded dual hopper for spreading two products simultaneously
  • Engine, pump coupler, hydraulic reservoir, and control cable assembly
  • Innovative flow diverter
  • Hopper slide shutoff
  • Flow Regulator
  • Triple spray nozzle improves spray pattern and operator control
  • Easy access Spot Control Sprayer
  • Spreader impeller unit manufactured from wear-resistant engineered composite – Patent Pending
  • Variable impeller speed control
  • On-demand product flow booster

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