Representation From Social Security Disability Lawyers

Find Support From Social Security Disability Lawyers

Handling social security disability claims can be difficult, so having social security disability lawyers on your side is essential. A social security disability attorney understands the language and complications of the field, and can fight to get you what you’re owed.

Finding an attorney to represent you can be challenging. You want a social security disability attorney who understands your needs and won’t rush the process. You deserve to get what you’re owed. So look to the experts at Marshall Grinder Debski Pitts Law Firm when you need support.

When And How To File For Social Security Disability

If you are suffering from a physical or mental disability that inhibits your ability to work, you may qualify for social security disability. This impairment has to be expected to last for at least a year or has to be expected to result in death. In some cases, if you are injured at work and it renders you unable to work for at least a year, you may also qualify.

It’s important to file for social security disability (SSD) as soon as possible and to consider the help of social security disability lawyers. You do not need to wait 12 months to apply, and an application can also be filed after the death of a disabled worker, though it must be filed within 3 months of the worker’s death. When you do apply for benefits, you should also apply for supplemental security income in case you don’t qualify for SSD. 

This is a time-consuming process, but you don’t want to waste time if you need help now. Seek help from a social security attorney if you need help getting started.

When Do I Need To Call Social Security Disability Lawyers?

Having the expertise of social security disability lawyers cannot be stressed enough. These professionals have years of experience in handling claims and understand how to get you what you deserve.

The team at Marshall Grinder Debski Pitts has 40+ years of experience in the field and will work alongside you throughout the process. In many cases, workers’ SSD claims get denied, and if that happens you can refile. Once you file again, if you are rejected, you are legally entitled to a hearing. Having social security disability lawyers represent you at a hearing is extremely valuable. In fact, government statistics show that those who have legal representation are far more likely to get SSD benefits than those who don’t.

A hearing will likely take over a year to get scheduled, so keep that in mind when you request one. And don’t become discouraged. It is very common for those applying for social security to have to take their case to a hearing.

With that in mind, you can trust that the team at Marshall Grinder Debski Pitts Law Firm will provide you with professional representation and will work with you to get the benefits you are owed.

About Marshall Grinder Debski Pitts Law Firm

Marshall Grinder Debski Pitts Law Firm has more than 4 decades of experience in its field. Specifically, they handle cases involving social security disability, workers’ compensation, veterans’ benefits claims, and evaluation of all legal matters. They are proud to represent working people. 

This team of attorneys and their staff are detail-oriented. Even if they can’t help with your specific case, they will lead you to someone who will. They prioritize communication and support, and they believe no one should have to face these challenges alone. Their attorneys are members of prestigious professional groups including the Ohio State Bar Association, the Summit County (Ohio) Association for Justice, and more.

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