Portable Yard Ramps

A forklift on a Copperloy portable yard ramp.

Copperloy Portable Yard Ramps

The success of a freight-loading facility hinges on the reliability of the equipment. All warehouse equipment needs to safe, functional, and efficient, and if these expectations are not met, the facility could suffer in terms of overall productivity.

Portable yard ramps are an integral part of a warehouse’s collection of equipment. These ramps experience extreme amounts of pressure on the average workday. Forklifts load and unload from trucks and loading docks thanks to these ramps, and the work is virtually constant. Therefore, your portable yard ramps need to be capable of withstanding the tremendous workload. Copperloy’s yard ramps are some of the most durable in the industry. With over sixty years of experience, the Copperloy team is consistently improving their product designs. Relative to competing loading dock ramps, Copperloy ramps are much safer, more efficient, and more resistant to the pressure of a warehouse workday.

Furthermore, Copperloy products have extensive longevity and durability, having helped countless warehouse operations improve their productivity. The one-cylinder design applies significantly less pressure than two-cylinder loading ramps. This has assisted in increasing raising speeds and overall stability. Copperloy is always working to improve their products, and these are just a few reasons why they maintain their position as a leader product quality.

Features of the Copperloy Portable Yard Ramps

Copperloy’s portable loading ramps have a variety of features that increase safety and functionality:

  • 8-Foot Level Off: For many portable yard ramps, forklift access can be difficult. Copperloy has made additions to their designs to circumvent this issue. The 8-foot level off is just one of these features that makes forklift access much safer and simpler.
  • Hydraulic Pump Location: Many yard ramps position the hydraulic hand pump in a less-than-convenient location, which is an unnecessary hindrance for the operator. Copperloy designs their ramps with the hand pump on the outside. This has increased convenience as well as protecting the pump from dirt and damage.
  • Low End Plate and Safety Curb: Copperloy has developed solutions in addition to the 8-foot level off. The low-end plate and safety curb also mitigate the issue of forklift ramp access. The 7-inch safety curb is designed to prevent runoff, and the low end plate is shorter than a forklift wheelbase, which allows the front tires to reach the grating while the back wheels are firmly on the ground. These two features work in tandem to substantially increase safety and functionality.
  • Solid/Pneumatic Tires: The tires of Copperloy ramps are also an important feature. Most ramps have air-filled tires that require constant maintenance and refilling, which is an unnecessary waste of time and resources. Copperloy designs their ramps with solid/pneumatic tires that have lubricated bearings. These tires are virtually maintenance free and save time.

Efficient and Reliable Products

When Copperloy designs their portable yard ramps and other products, they strive to maximize space, safety, and efficiency. Their dedication to quality has led them to create some of the highest quality ramps in America. Copperloy ramps provide the following advantages:

  • Easier operation – Copperloy ramps are much easier to operate due to the convenient location of the hand pump and high safety standards.
  • Faster raise times – The raising speed of their ramps is two and half times faster than competitor products.
  • Less wear and tear – The rotation is focused on the positioning sleeve instead of the ramp connection, lessening wear and tear.
  • Greater stability – Copperloy ramps have a centrally located cylinder that lowers the chances of tipping.

Furthermore, Copperloy ramps can change empty spaces into freight-handling centers. With unparalleled versatility, Copperloy’s products can expand your dock capacity and create a loading facility without a loading dock or starting another construction project. Copperloy portable yard ramps give ground-level access to buildings, trucks, or railcars. They are also easy to move from job to job.

Facilities looking to improve productivity should consider Copperloy portable yard ramps. Safe, function, and efficient only begin to describe Copperloy products. Copperloy home of the Ultimate Yard Ramp!