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Cameron B. Pedro | OVI / DUI Lawyer Wadsworth Ohio

Anyone in Wadsworth that is facing a DUI charge should contact an attorney immediately. When there is a possibility of conviction, you need a lawyer to provide guidance and legal counsel. Cameron B. Pedro, OVI / DUI Lawyer Wadsworth Ohio, has helped many clients defend themselves against DUI charges and convictions. He has protected countless people from many of the serious consequences that accompany a DUI conviction. These consequences could have drastic impacts on your life. Under Ohio Law, courts can deliver onerous fines, jail time, license suspension, and a myriad of other life-changing penalties for a DUI. In these circumstances, your rights are at risk; therefore, you need an attorney who will provide legal guidance and passionate protection of your rights.

Cameron B. Pedro, OVI / DUI lawyer Wadsworth Ohio, is an attorney with many years of experience in defending clients against DUIs and other charges. As one of the leading DUI lawyers in Northeast Ohio, Pedro has guided countless people through the burdensome legal process surrounding DUI charges. Utilizing his extensive legal knowledge, he provides unparalleled legal guidance as well as a zealous defense of your Constitutional rights.

Protecting Your Rights and Future

In Ohio, OVI convictions can lead to fines, jail time, restricted plates, license suspension, and more. Facing OVI charges without a lawyer by your side could potentially lead to difficulties finding employment, maintaining current employment, making an income, and taking care of your family. DUI charges are incredibly serious, you should combat them with an experienced attorney.

The Constitution exists to protect your rights from violations. Officers and prosecutors ignore Constitutional obligations far too often, improperly arresting, charging, or interacting with citizens. When facing a DUI or any other charge, you have a right to receive due process and freedom from violations of your rights. You have the right to a fair and speedy trial, to freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, and to confront witnesses against you. Cameron B. Pedro will ensure that you are treated fairly under the law and that your rights are kept intact.

The Value of an Attorney | OVI / DUI Lawyer Wadsworth Ohio

It does not matter what point in the legal process you are at, you need a lawyer. Whether you have just received your charge or are awaiting trial, hiring an attorney is paramount for protecting your rights and your future.

Firstly, an OVI attorney will work to ensure the protection of your legal and Constitutional rights. Furthermore, they will also confirm that the arresting officers worked within the confines of the Constitution. Cameron B. Pedro has extensive experience in working with a myriad of different DUI case situations. He will analyze all evidence of your case including the breathalyzer and other technology used in determining your DUI. Pedro will also determine when facts and evidence are insufficient for conviction.

Defeating an OVI, in some situations, may be extremely difficult or unlikely; however, regardless of your situation, hiring an attorney can mitigate the punishments that accompany a DUI conviction. Cameron B. Pedro, OVI / DUI Lawyer Wadsworth Ohio, can help guide through the process. He will assist you in making the most appropriate decisions for your future. If you have been charged with a DUI, do not hesitate to contact Cameron B. Pedro, Attorney at Law.