Large Part Molding Customization From Lerner and Associates

Reliable Large Part Molding Capabilities in Northeast Ohio

Custom plastic parts must withstand the unique stresses of unique applications. For this reason, Lerner and Associates offers premier custom large part molding services. Have you and your team been looking for an experienced large part molding company for your next project? If your next task requires durable custom plastic parts, then you can count on Lerner and Associates. 

For more than two decades, companies have counted on Lerner and Associates for injection molding services and competitive prices. In fact, Lerner and Associates serves companies across a wide range of industries. 

No matter the run volume and no matter the part size, Lerner & Associates has what it takes to produce your customization at the right price. In fact, Lerner and Associates is a go-to large part molding provider for teams across the Northeast Ohio community. 

Do you want to get the most out of your next project? Do you want to take the next step in the customization process? If so, then reach out to the professionals from Lerner and Associates today. 

Industry-Leading Plastic Injection Molding Options From the Lerner and Associates Professionals

Lerner and Associates is your ideal partner for large part molding services. Have you ever invested in plastic injection molding services in the past? Do you know the benefits of plastic injection molding? The fabrication method involves the carving of a part’s inverse into a mold and the pouring of molten plastic build material into that mold to shape a custom component. 

The plastic undergoes both heating and mixing inside the mold and transfers into the mold cavity to then cool and harden. Upon hardening, the mold releases to move the plastic part out and into a container. 

Overall, plastic injection molding can accommodate significantly complex designs while producing minimal amounts of plastic waste material.

Significantly, the injection molding machinery from Lerner and Associates can accommodate shot sizes of 3 to 600 ounces. Connect with the team today to learn how Lerner and Associates could add to your project. Head to to learn more.

Count on Lerner and Associates for your next large part molding project. Overall, the manufacturing experts from Lerner and Associates commit to helping all clients determine the most cost-effective designs for their projects. The professionals from Lerner and Associates have both the expertise and the dedication to help you get the most out of your next project. 

If you have questions regarding customization pricing, then reach out to the team from Lerner and Associates today. Head to to find out how the Lerner and Associates team could add to your next project.