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Many facilities have centralized air systems that are extremely loud and noisy, yet they are doing much less work than the noise suggests. Efficiency is incredibly important for air systems, and with inefficient technology, businesses are losing money. Fortunately, Becker offers a large variety of industrial vacuum pumps and regenerative blowers.  With their extensive experience, they can produce some of the best pumps on the market at reasonable prices. Furthermore, their products can function in a myriad of diverse applications, making Becker a leader in versatility.

Surpassing the needs and expectations of customers is another Becker specialty. They have built a reputation for being helpful and reliable, and their forward-thinking application of non-positive displacement is just one example of their innovative abilities.

With non-positive displacement methods, Becker’s industrial vacuum pumps make less noise than other air machinery, while performing at much higher levels of efficiency. This method functions by increasing the air pressure by regenerating air molecules, which also contributes to efficiency. Furthermore, many of Becker’s industrial vacuum pumps are dry-running, oil-less machines, meaning they are much safer for the environment.

The Becker Way

Becker has been in the business of designing and manufacturing air system machinery since 1885. Today, they are an exemplar of product quality and impeccable customer service; furthermore, Becker has become a pivotal figure in the development of new technologies in the industry, having created the rotary vane industrial vacuum pump.

They have focused much of their time and effort on technology improvement and research since the very beginning. Becker continues to find new and better ways to increase efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and the rate at which their machines pump air. Installing Becker machinery is always an immediate upgrade to any centralized air system.

Becker Industrial Vacuum Pumps

The designers of Becker technology have created industrial vacuum pumps with some truly unique benefits, relative to other air machinery. The rotary vane pumps are positive-positive displacement vacuum pumps with sliding vanes, which are placed in a rotor rotating in a cavity.

Becker industrial rotary vane pumps never experience internal, metal-to-metal contact; therefore, they are able to compensate for wear and damage, increasing the longevity and span of peak performance.

Furthermore, they are popular for applications of medium or variable vacuum range due to their minimal maintenance requirements.

Why Choose Becker’s Oil-Less Industrial Vacuum Pumps?

Oil-less vacuum pumps provide a plethora of benefits and advantages. 100% oil-less operation allows the machinery to maintain a cool, quiet operation that is environmentally safe and highly efficient. Relative to other pumps, these machines have unparalleled longevity and extremely low maintenance requirements. In addition to these advantages, Becker pumps also have the following traits:

• Inlet filters
• Discharge silencers
• Direct drive
• Vacuum regulators
• Continuous duty rated

Which Industrial Vacuum Pump is Best for the Job?

Although the oil-less pumps Becker offers are extremely efficient, they are not always the best fit for all applications. For example, if you need machinery for extremely deep vacuum levels or the imbibing of large quantities of liquid, you should avoid using oil-less pumps.

Finding the best product for you does not have to be a challenge, though. Becker’s pumps are quiet, long-lasting, and self-lubricating, so they are still highly versatile. They are also great for medical and surgical, graphic arts, vacuum chucking, robotics, material handling, and packaging applications.

Facilities searching for an upgrade to their current centralized air system should consider Becker’s industrial vacuum pumps and regenerative blowers. Becker creates efficient machinery that you can truly rely on.