How To Know The Difference Between LASIK and Cataract Surgery

Do You Know The Difference Between LASIK and Cataract Surgery?

If you’re unsure of what procedure is right for you, you should know the difference between LASIK and cataract surgery. Both surgeries treat vision problems with a high success rate, but there are some critical differences.

Cataract surgery is more common with older patients, who are more likely to develop cataracts. LASIK surgery is more common in younger patients and it treats farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. Astigmatism is a lens defect that is caused by deviation from the curvature of the lens. This then causes distorted images because light rays cannot meet at a common focus.

It’s important to understand the difference between LASIK and cataract surgery, so let’s take a closer look at what each procedure entails. 

What To Know About Cataract Surgery

A cataract is the clouding of an eye’s lens that takes time to develop. Patients with cataracts report having blurry vision, and oftentimes trouble reading or driving at night. This surgery begins with the application of eye drops to dilate the pupil, followed by a local anesthetic to numb the eye (occasionally a sedative is also used).

Next, a physician may use a probe to break up the clouded lens and then remove the pieces, or the physician may remove the lens in one piece. The unhealthy lens is replaced with an artificial one. 

The physician will work with the patient to determine what’s right for them based on medical history and health. And, if you’re looking for an eye care team you can trust, look to Davis Eye Center

LASIK Procedure At Davis Eye

The LASIK procedure is different from cataract surgery but is still simple. The procedure begins with the application of numbing drops, followed by the forming of a corneal flap. This flap is then lifted, the cornea is reshaped, and the flap is replaced. The procedure itself takes about 15 minutes!

After surgery, most patients report improved vision. In some cases, a patient may need glasses or contacts again in the future for tasks like driving and reading, but it’s no secret this procedure is an ideal solution for many patients.

When it comes to choosing where to get LASIK surgery, you want to choose a surgeon with the latest technology to make the procedure quick and accurate. At Davis Eye Center, Dr. Davis uses CONTOURA Vision technology, an innovative treatment that maps up to 22,000 elevation points on a person’s eye to create a custom layout.

Davis Eye Center also uses the WaveLight Refractive Suite and is the first center in Ohio to use this technology for laser vision correction. The WaveLight Refractive Suite is one of the world’s fastest, most precise combinations of lasers. It creates a corneal flap in about 6 seconds, which makes the procedure safer and much more comfortable. This technology also performs advanced data transferring, which means the surgeon can view patient data in real-time during the procedure.

The WaveLight laser is extremely accurate, and the technology adjusts for the individual curvature of each patient’s cornea. It allows the treatment to be perfectly placed during the procedure, even if a patient’s eye moved. The speed and pupil-tracking ability make this one of the safest, most accurate lasers available for LASIK surgery.

So whether you’re wondering the difference between LASIK and cataract surgery, or just need general eye care, look to Davis Eye Center as your future ophthalmology practice. 


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