How Gun Safe Rust Protection Works | Why Choose Zerust Products?

Why Choose Zerust Products? 

Are you searching for gun safe rust protection? Have you heard about Zerust Consumer Products? Zerust is a company based in Twinsburg, Ohio that has partnered with Northern Technologies International Corporation (NTIC). Together they have developed a safe and effective rust prevention formula for all types of metals. 

In fact, Zerust products are used worldwide in over 60 countries including over 2,000 major companies that rely on its products. Zerust Consumer Products offers an array of rust and corrosion prevention products that can be purchased from their website. Additionally, Zerust Consumer Products are available through several chain operations such as:

  • Rockler
  • Amazon
  • Cabela’s
  • Lowe’s
  • Flambeau Outdoors
  • And much other hardware, discount, and sporting goods locations.  

Visit their website to see a full line of rust & corrosion products they have available.

Zerust Consumer Products are Affordable and Environmentally Friendly 

Zerust products are not only affordable, but they are also non-toxic and environmentally friendly. This company takes pride in its VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors) inhibitors technology. The VCI releases an invisible, non-toxic, non-reactive, odorless vapor that keeps metal protected against rust and corrosion. Additionally, this technology will not leave behind any residue nor alter the metal surface, sites, and wood of your firearms. Rust protection for valuables whatever metal they might be with a full range of products to protect:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Nickle
  • Steel
  • silver 

Protect metal with perfect solutions for short term and long term storage with Zerusts rust inhibitors. 

How Gun Safe Rust Protection Works

Zerust offers the most effective and effortless way to protect your guns from rust and corrosion when you store your guns for any period of time. Simply place one of Zeruts vapor corrosion inhibitors capsules inside the gun safe and close the door. 

How to Position Capsules in a Gun Safe:

Capsules are most effective when placed in the center of safe. The VC2- 2 capsule is most effective within a 2 ft. radius from its location and in a volume of 33.5 cubic feet. The approximate life span of an individual capsule is 33.5 cubic feet for two years. Adjust the number of capsules needed for the size of your enclosure. Additionally, each capsule has a label so that you can write the date of placement. Minimizing the air exchange will keep the capsules at its best potency, however, enclosures do not need to be 100% airtight. 

For those of you that don’t own gun safes, another gun storage option is Zerusts rifle bag or gun storage bags. All options offer the same quality of rust and corrosion protection. 

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Keep your firearms in top condition with Zerusts Gun Safe Rust Protection. Learn more about Zerust on the Fishbowl Design Blog or visit their website.