The Search Ends Here | Flooring Contractors Stow

The Search Ends Here | Flooring Contractors Stow

Redoing a home’s interior flooring is an exciting, yet often overwhelming time.  First, there’s the choice between DIY and professional services.  Second, comes the research.  How difficult is it to do your own flooring?  Is this really a project you can handle?  What are the benefits of choosing a professional?  Who are the best flooring contractors in Stow? Let your search for flooring contractors Stow end here.

Floorscapes team of professional flooring contractors expertise includes diverse knowledge in all types of flooring installation.  Our team began in 2006.  Since then, Floorscapes has worked to build a respectable, trustworthy brand.  Taking great pride in attention to detail, Floorscapes is known for quality work and integrity.  From start to finish, Floorscapes maintains a clean workspace and greatly respects our customers home.

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The Floorscapes team offers any type of flooring one could think of.   In addition, Floorscapes offers all of the pieces to the puzzle with custom trims and moldings, backsplash, and tiling.  Some of their most popular flooring installations include:

  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Tile
  • Laminate
  • Cork
  • Slate

For any flooring project, Floorscapes has you covered.

Options, Options, Options! | Flooring Contractors Stow

Choosing a flooring type can be a tough decision.  The possibilities are endless.  We get it! Floorscapes is here to help.  Through years of experience, here are some of the top considerations when choosing a flooring type.  


Where will this flooring be installed?  Will it be installed in a room with high-moisture such as a basement or bathroom?  This isn’t a negative element when considering flooring.  It just means that the flooring needs to be suited for high or medium moisture environments.  Floorscapes will help suggest flooring solutions best suited for each room.  In addition, Floorscapes acclimates all of our materials prior to installation.

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 It’s important to consider durability needs when selecting the floor.  Do you have children or pets? If so, a wear resistant flooring is suggested.  Tile, laminate, LVP and more have scratch resistant characteristics that withstand the times.  In addition, hard surfaces make for a quick and easy clean.  Sweep, dust, or vacuum for a quick clean.  For a more thorough approach, Floorscapes will provide the scoop on top cleaners for varying floor types. Flooring Contractors Stow | Durability


Choose a range for square foot budget.  On the lower end, varying bargain laminate, tile, and ceramic can be found.  In the middle, one might find engineered hardwood flooring, some domestic hardwood flooring, and higher-end luxury vinyl.  On the higher end, exotic hardwoods and some of the highest-quality luxury vinyl flooring products will be found.  Each flooring requires its own labor-intensive characteristics.  Discuss with Floorscapes installation specialists to find the flooring best suited for your needs and budget.

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Fishbowl Design offers an array of marketing services for small and medium-sized businesses throughout Northeast, Ohio.  Primary services include web and logo design, SEO, and Social Media Management. Fishbowl creates custom marketing strategies for each of our clients based on their goals.  

Fishbowl is grateful for the opportunity to work with the Floorscapes team.  Our partnership has given us first-hand experience of the quality and detail-oriented service they provide their own customers.  They are truly a joy to work with! As a result, we highly recommend Floorscapes for any flooring project. 

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Author: Julie Stout

Julie Stout is a graphic designer / website designer