Epoxy Curing Agent | Gabriel Performance Products

Epoxy Curing Agent | Gabriel Performance Products

Are you looking for high-performance mercaptan epoxy curing agent products? Gabriel Performance Products is a leader among mercaptan manufacturers, offering Capcure® and Gabepro® epoxy curing agent products. Capcure® and Gabepro® mercaptan epoxy curing agents offer rapid cure speed and hardness development, so they perform more effectively in various applications. Gabriel also offers a variety of mercaptan epoxy curing agents with cure speeds as quick as 40 seconds and up to 30 minutes. Furthermore, Gabriel epoxy curing agents offer the unique advantage of quick curing in thin films and at both low and ambient temperatures.

Gabriel developed its mercaptan in 1966. As a result, they quickly built a reputation as a top mercaptan manufacturer. They offer a variety of effective mercaptan products including mercaptan epoxy curing agents, adhesives and more!

Mercaptan Epoxy Curing Agent Properties:
  • Rapid Cure
  • Good Adhesion to Different Substrates
  • Low-temperature Cure
  • Low Toxicity
  • Thin Film Cure
  • Excellent Color
  • Co-cure Capability

If you are researching Mercaptan, it may also be referred to with the following terms:

  • Propyl Mercaptan
  • Polymercaptan
  • Thiol Mercaptan
  • Thiophenol
  • Polymeric Mercaptan
  • Polythiol Mercaptan

Uses & Applications of Mercaptan Epoxy Curing Agent

Gabriel’s mercaptan offers superior cure speed and hardness development. Thus, it is perfect for automotive, construction and concrete applications as well as many other industrial products. It also offers a high-strength bond to glass, concrete, wood, and metal. As a result, it is ideal for various DIY consumer applications such as 5-minute adhesives. 

Why Choose Gabriel as your Mercaptan Supplier?

  • Catalyzed, custom-formulated epoxy curing agents for ideal cure times in your application
  • Low-odor Formulations and Specialty Blends
  • The world’s leading manufacturer and low-cost supplier of mercaptan products
  • The original and only domestic source with global capabilities
  • Comprehensive Knowledge and Expert Technical Support
  • 1:1 Mix Ratio for Epoxy Resins

Gabriel Services

Gabriel Performance Products offers a wide variety of services, so they can provide specific solutions for each client’s unique specifications.

Product Development

Gabriel can help you create a product with an edge over the competition. They have a team of seasoned chemists and engineers who can customize mercaptan products and even create new products, so they can meet your exact requirements. As a result, you receive a higher quality, efficient production and optimal performance from your products.

Application Testing

Gabriel can provide analytical services with its state-of-the-art application testing laboratory. They can help you understand your product’s chemical composition and core properties. Gabriel offers immense experience with the coating, adhesive, sealant, and electrical markets, so they can more effectively create the superior products you need regardless of the application.

Custom Manufacturing

In addition to application testing and product development, Gabriel offers full-service customization for all their products. As a result, they have the ability to meet even the most challenging and unique chemical requirements for your mercaptan products.

Reliable R&D Teams

Gabriel has multiple R&D teams in Ohio, Pennsylvania and South Carolina. Each facility is capable of evaluating the physical properties and performance characteristics of each polymer, so they can accurately identify which is best for each unique application. Gabriel engineers can also perform research for the development of new molecules or synthesis process, performance, and characteristics testing.

Flexible Solutions

Gabriel also has the resources to tackle large-scale projects with the same efficiency and speed as small volume orders. As a result, they are one of the few manufacturers in their industry with the ability to shift from small to large-scale projects with ease.

Verified Testing

Additionally, Gabriel offers in-depth quality assurance for all materials and products. Any raw material that may be implemented must meet stringent standards before application, so Gabriel can ensure all customers receive the highest possible quality.

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Gabriel Performance Products | Epoxy Curing Agent

Gabriel is the premier specialty chemical manufacturer offering state-of-the-art, custom solutions with reliable customer service and care. They also outperform other mercaptan epoxy curing agent distributors and vendors with their product variety, competitive pricing, and knowledgeable technical support. Learn more about Gabriel Performance Products on the Fishbowl Design Blog or visit their website.