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A facility’s centralized air system can have a significant impact on how much power the facility consumes as well as the facility’s overall environmental friendliness; therefore, installing reliable and efficient machinery is crucial for profitability. Many facilities have air system machinery that produces high levels of noise, suggesting similar levels of productivity; however, many of these machines are much less efficient than they seem, wasting power and creating unnecessary noise. Those interested in upgrading their facility’s centralized air system should consider Becker Pumps. They are specialists in the design of efficient and reliable air system machinery. Becker offers a wide variety of products such as oil-less, dry vacuum pumps, regenerative blowers, and more.

Becker’s Oil-less, Dry Vacuum Pumps

When compared to other air system machinery, Becker’s dry vacuum pumps have many distinct attributes and advantages. The dry-running, oil-less pumps use positive displacement methods and contain sliding vanes that are placed on a rotor rotating in a cavity. Becker’s rotary vane vacuum pumps also experience no internal, metal-to-metal contact; therefore, wear and tear is minimized, improving the longevity of their top performance.

In addition to these advantages, Becker’s oil-less pumps also need much less maintenance than similar machinery; thus, they have become a popular option for applications with medium or variable vacuum range.

Which Dry Vacuum Pump is Best for the Job?

Becker’s dry vacuum pumps can offer a wide variety of benefits; however, they are not always the best fit for every application. Although they are versatile machines, if you are looking for machinery that is capable of consuming large amounts of fluid or providing extremely deep vacuum levels, Becker’s oil-less pumps are not the best option; however, deciding which pumps are best for your application does not have to be difficult.

Becker’s product line contains compatible machinery for a myriad of unique situations and applications. Their air system machinery is quiet, self-lubricating, and long-lasting. They are also highly versatile and are applicable in a multitude of different industries. The medical, surgical, graphic arts, robotics, and packaging industries are just a few of the industries that employ Becker machinery.

Why Choose Becker? | Dry Vacuum Pumps

The 100% oil-less operation of Becker’s dry vacuum pumps is consistently cool and quiet. The lack of oil also makes for environmentally friendly machinery. In addition to smooth operation, Becker’s dry pumps have extensive lifespans and extremely low maintenance requirements.

Becker’s dry-running vacuum pumps include the following:

  • Continuous Duty Rated
  • Direct Drive
  • Discharge Silencers
  • Inlet Filters
  • Vacuum Regulators

Becker leads the industry in the development of efficient air system technologies as well as product quality.

The Becker Pumps Legacy

Over the years, Becker has built a reputation for consistently exceeding expectations and providing impeccable customer service. They have been designing and developing air system technologies and machinery since 1885. Becker’s most notable innovation was the rotary vane vacuum pump, which performs reliably through each cycle without any problems. Today, Becker leads the industry in quality and continues to maintain their position as one of the top innovators and technology developers.

The improvement of air system technology has been an ever-present goal for Becker. To this day, Becker works to enhance the efficiency of all their products and increase the rate at which their machines pump air.

Anyone looking to install new machinery into their facility’s centralized air system should contact Becker. Becker’s products are an instant upgrade to any system, and with their wide variety of options, they will likely have the solution for all of your air system needs.