Choosing Reliable Direct Contact Water Heaters

Finding the Right Direct Contact Water Heaters for Your Facility

Have you and your team been thinking about adding direct contact water heaters to your concrete plant? When you want to streamline operations in your facility, a direct contact water heater could provide your ideal solution. When the success of your business relies on the consistent maintenance of concrete’s temperature, you have no time to waste waiting for conventional steam boilers to work.

However, when you implement a direct contact water heater in your space, you can maximize efficiency, especially over the colder months of the year, while saving on energy costs and reducing your company’s impact on the environment. When you work with professionals to select the heater most compatible with your space and operations, you can ensure rapid concrete curing and save a significant amount of space across your facility.

Kent, Ohio’s own R.W. Martin Company has provided top-quality industrial laundry products and process water solutions for more than four decades.

In addition to a selection of direct contact water heaters, customers count on the team from R.W. Martin Company for tunnel washers, spreader feeders, compressors, folders, heat exchangers and other textile care machinery. Considering this, you can find out more about the R.W. Martin Company team along with available products and services by visiting the company website.

Using Direct Contact Water Heaters for a More Environmentally Friendly Facility

As the weather gets colder, keeping concrete at the right temperature becomes more critical. If you want to keep your facility productive during the colder months, then it is crucial to maintain a reliable water heating system to ensure your concrete is easy to work with. You and your team may have worked with traditional steam boilers in the past. However, a direct contact water heater can help you and your colleagues maximize output and keep constant aggregate quality.

How does a direct contact water heater work? The installation lets flue gases to come in direct contact with water, as opposed to facilitating indirect water heating with heat exchangers. It is particularly reactive to changes in demand for hot water. This type of water heater implements a burner that directly applies heat to a flow of cold water. As this flow moves downward, heat rises to facilitate near-complete use of the thermal energy.

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The environmental advantages of direct contact concrete plant water heaters lead many teams to implement the pieces in their spaces. These installations minimize carbon oxide emissions, keep levels of combustion efficiency high and reduce a team’s energy costs. To maintain this balance, a direct contact water heater gets each British thermal unit (BTU) out of the combustion process.

Adding direct contact concrete plant water heaters to your space can ease some of the burdens of complying with specific codes. A direct contact water heater eliminates the need to maintain a pressure vessel as the heater works at atmospheric pressure.

Using a direct-contact water heater can also aid in keeping the softness or hardness of water constant. This type of heater keeps the buildup of hard-water scale to a minimum by way of a continuous flow of water across all heat exchange surfaces.

Choosing Aggregate Heating Products From Sioux to Keep Concrete in Spec

The team from R.W. Martin Company takes great pride in offering water heating solutions for concrete plants from the Sioux line of products. Sioux is a go-to resource for water heating solutions for both precast and ready-mixed concrete. Teams have counted on Sioux machinery for more than five decades. Count on the Sioux product line for reliable finishing, exceptional float and minimal use of chemicals.

Sioux products distinguish themselves from competing heaters by offering the highest efficiency ratings on the market in addition to precise control of temperature. They are notable for ease of use and provide years of efficient heating after purchase.

These pieces also set themselves apart from the alternatives by implementing a motorized damper, an adjustable tank temperature control, a thermometer, a liquid level sight gauge and liquid level sensors with water solenoid valves. Direct contact water heaters from Sioux comply with ASME code and are National Board-registered. The pieces also mount on steel skids for portability.

Need to heat water for precast concrete? A Sioux water heater can consistently produce hot water at low volumes. Choosing a Sioux direct contact water heater can offer a more convenient alternative to a boiler with prestress, vault, pipe or block operations. Sioux carries an installation to meet nearly any layout or project requirements. For example, Sioux’s PWP-1 system includes a 1 million BTU/H water heater, a 300-gallon mild steel water tank and a pumping station.

You and your team can also count on Sioux for heating solutions for ready-mixed concrete that are easily customizable. Choose from a complete inventory of oil, LP or natural gas-fired pieces in addition to combustion burners to allow for a smooth transition from oil to gas.

Chilled Water Solutions From Sioux

When the seasons change and the weather gets warmer, teams can count on Sioux for reliable water chilling solutions for concrete plants. To keep concrete batch quality as high as possible, these systems provide reliable water temperature control.

In comparison to liquid nitrogen and ice alternatives, these systems reduce the costs of chilling in a facility by 95%. Choose between stationary and portable configurations across a diverse range of capacities and depend on Sioux for turn-key chilling systems.

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