Is It Hard to Keep a Glass Block Shower Clean? | Get Help with Cleaning Glass Blocks

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Everything You Need to know About Cleaning Glass Blocks

If you’re considering investing in a bathroom with glass block shower, or you already have one installed, then you’re probably aware of the benefits of this design feature. A glass block shower is a creative twist on a traditional bathroom set up. Glass blocks allow natural light flow into a space and create a more open, modernized aesthetic. Glass blocks can be used in windows, partial walls, staircases, room dividers, showers, and so much more.

Contrary to what you may think, a glass block shower design still allots plenty of privacy. There are dozens of variations on the traditional glass block design. Some glass blocks are made to be transparent for design purposes, but in the context of a shower, you want to ensure there’s plenty of privacy. That’s why there are glass blocks with maximum distortion that keep the shower safe and private, while still covering the space in natural light.

But what about cleaning glass blocks? Will this feature make it infinitely more difficult to keep your bathroom clean and sanitized? Let’s dive into what you need to know about cleaning glass blocks.

Cleaning Glass Blocks | The Importance of Waterproofing

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Cleaning glass blocks does not require a huge investment in time or money, as long as it’s done correctly. As with any bathroom space, routine cleaning is needed to keep the glass shining and in good condition to maximize longevity.

If you have a bathroom with glass block shower, the number one thing to remember is that you need to protect the mortar. The mortar is a mix of sand and cement that holds the individual glass blocks together. It’s an essential part of any glass block project. In order to get started with cleaning glass blocks, first you need to waterproof the mortar. You’ll need to waterproof it every two years at least, and to do so you will use an external waterproofer that is available on Amazon or at any major hardware store. Before cleaning glass blocks, remove excess sealer from glass surfaces, then apply the waterproofing agent over the mortar. Waterproofing will maintain the shine of your bathroom with glass block shower.

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Once the waterproofing is complete, clean the mortar joints with water and a mild detergent. Make sure the detergent doesn’t have any coloring, as this can discolor the mortar and diminish its overall look. Also avoid ammonia and bathroom chemicals, as these can discolor mortar as well. When cleaning glass blocks, stick to the basics and use as minimal chemicals as possible. In order to scrub the mortar joints, find a small brush that reaches these areas.

Even with regular cleaning and waterproofing of the mortar, you may still be concerned about cleaning glass block. What if a glass block chips or gets damaged? Thankfully, in a bathroom with a glass block shower, a single block can be replaced from most windows and walls. You won’t be stuck replacing the entire glass shower wall, which is a significant expense.

If you are vigilant about cleaning glass blocks and keeping your bathroom sanitary, you’ll be able to enjoy your glass block shower for years. Although the cleaning takes a few steps, it doesn’t require expensive chemicals or cleaning supplies. Remember the importance of waterproofing, stick to the basics, and you’ll have a clean glass block shower in no time.

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