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CD009 Transmission Adapter Plate

cd009 transmission adapter plate

Performing an LS engine conversion requires the consideration of a wide variety of factors. As a result, it is common to overlook some crucial aspects. Many who are planning an LS swap tend to forget about the transmission they are using. The transmission, however, is one of the most important aspects of performing a successful engine swap.

With G Force’s CD009 transmission adapter plate, you can perform an effective engine swap with a strong, reliable transmission. When planning an engine swap, many choose V160 and T-56 transmissions, but these are typically much more expensive than the CD009.

They have also become much more difficult to find, so their prices have increased significantly. As a result, engine swap enthusiasts have been searching for cost-effective alternatives. The CD009 is an affordable yet durable transmission, and with the help of G Force’s CD009 transmission adapter plate, you can perform a successful swap without exceeding your budget.

How Does It Compare? | CD009 Transmission Adapter Plate


The most common question people ask when choosing a transmission is “Will it handle the power of an LS engine?” Thankfully, the CD009 has built a reputation for incredible strength. It can easily handle immense engine power.

Although it does not have any official torque ratings, many have proven it applicable for cars with more than 1000whp. This is ideal for the large majority of conversions, so it is perfect for anyone looking for an affordable 6-speed transmission.


Gearing is another important factor to consider during the engine conversion process. It plays a central role in your vehicle’s performance. Shorter gear ratios require more shifting while offering faster acceleration. Longer gear ratios, however, require less shifting with slower acceleration, but they provide much higher max speeds.

In short, the lower the number, the higher the ratio. In comparison to the CD0009, the T-56 has longer gears, so the CD009 is a superior option for remaining within the powerband of your vehicle’s engine. However, the T-56 offers better drag racing performance, while the CD009 offers better performance on the track.

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