Becker VTLF 250 Vanes

Becker VTLF 250 Vanes

Becker VTLF 250 Vanes

Centralized air systems make up a substantial part of overall power consumption for any facility. Many facilities, however, will install inefficient machinery without realizing the negative consequences. Even with high-quality machinery, facilities will install low-quality, counterfeit vanes instead of Becker VTLF 250 vanes or other proper replacements. The vanes are the most pivotal wearing component of Becker pumps. Becker suggests the installation of Becker VTLF 250 vanes instead of counterfeit vanes. Counterfeit vanes bring many disadvantages along with them. Other manufacturers will claim counterfeit vanes are direct replacements for Becker VTLF 250 vanes; however, they pale in comparison to genuine Becker parts.

Becker VTLF 250 Vanes vs. Counterfeit Vanes

Many facilities are convinced that counterfeit vanes will save them money over time; however, the opposite is true. Relative to Becker VTLF 250 vanes, counterfeit vanes are much more susceptible to premature wear and tear. This weakness leads to a substantial decrease in lifespan. Furthermore, Becker VTLF 250 vanes are designed to fit the exact specifications of Becker pumps, while counterfeit vanes are not. Therefore, Becker vanes do not experience premature wear and tear. Furthermore, Becker VTLF 250 vanes contain a resin and hardness combination, extending lifespan and mitigating friction and heat.

In addition, Becker also created a program in response to customer experiences with impostor vanes, which affixes a holographic emblem to each part, confirming authenticity.

Becker VTLF 250 Vanes Outperform Counterfeit Vanes

The following is a list of features of Becker VTLF 250 vanes that increase performance relative to counterfeit vanes:

  • Becker vanes offer the specific hardness necessary for protection against chipping.
    • Counterfeit vanes are too hard and cause more chipping and reducing overall pressure output.
  • Becker vanes fit the exact dimensions of Becker pumps.
    • Counterfeit vanes are rarely fit the correct size and will not slide properly from the slot, increasing temperature.
  • Becker vanes can withstand the intense friction in the pump.
    • Counterfeit vanes do not have the resin to lessen friction.
  • Becker vanes can resist the heat within the pump.
    • Counterfeit vanes cannot of withstand the heat, causing premature damage and cupping.

Why is premature chipping such an important aspect of pump vanes? If the vacuum pump vane chips, your machine is will not reach maximum pressure output.

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