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Centralized Air Systems | Becker Regenerative Blowers

Do you need to make a substantial upgrade to your current centralized air systems? If so, consider Becker’s regenerative blowers and other centralized air system machinery. Becker is a company that puts great focus on creating quality regenerative blowers, vacuum pumps, and more. Providing a myriad of different models and products, Becker has unparalleled flexibility in the industry. Becker has no issues meeting the needs of their clients. When compared to other blowers and pumps on the market, Becker’s machines are much quieter while also being significantly more powerful and efficient. They employ a non-positive displacement method to regenerate air molecules to create the vacuum or pressure. Positive displacement compressors, on the other hand, are much more costly and less powerful. In addition, most Becker pump models do not use oil, making for a much more environmentally friendly centralized air system.

Since 1885, Becker has been providing the industry with top-notch regenerative blowers and other air system services. Today, Becker has built themselves to become a leading company in the production of centralized air technologies. They also designed the rotary vane vacuum pump. This pump employs efficient technology to perform consistently cycle after cycle.

Becker has a reputation for working tirelessly on improving air system technologies and products. Since the beginning, they have been trying to increase the rate at which their pumps move air. With Becker’s total solutions for vacuum and low-pressure applications, they can bring your business to a quiet, efficient, environmentally-friendly state.

Becker’s SV Series | Single and Two-Stage Regenerative Blowers

Becker’s regenerative blowers have recently received an upgrade. The SV series introduces single and two-stage blowers that are much more compact, efficient, and cost-effective than previous models and competing brands. The SV series pumps are just another enhancement in a long history of technology development. Becker has always been working towards new heights in efficiency, and they do not plan on ending that tradition.

The following lists some advantages of the SV Series Pumps:

  • A More Compact Design
  • Lowered horsepower with greater capacities
  • Higher flows of 735 CFM with single-stage blowers
  • Higher pressures of 213” WG with two-stage pressures
  • Much lighter weight

In addition, the smaller models of the SV series include integrated relief valves and inlet filters, helping provide a cleaner impeller, lower temperature, and longer lifespan. The clear valve cover also allows for much more convenient access for maintenance and inspection.

Any companies looking to upgrade their centralized air systems should consider Becker’s product line. Their regenerative blowers are the most cost-effective, efficient solution for any workplace.