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Industrial Vacuum Pump

Industrial Vacuum Pump | Becker Canada

Becker Canada understands that industrial vacuum pump machinery needs to be reliable and efficient. Their medical and industrial vacuum pumps function in a wide variety of applications. They are also incredibly user-friendly. Becker Canada offers unparalleled experience in the design and manufacturing of industrial vacuum pump equipment. If you are looking for vacuum pumps or other air machinery, contact Becker Canada for cost-effective, reliable products.

Advantage-P Medical and Industrial Vacuum Pump

Becker Canada is a top developer of industrial vacuum pump technology. The Advantage-P Medical and Industrial Vacuum Pump is one of their many, innovative products. This vacuum pump utilizes Becker Canada’s automatic purging system. This system was designed for laboratory applications, in which the pump needs to cleanse itself of gases and chemicals. This purge system extends the lifespan of both the oil and the machine significantly.Industrial Vacuum Pump

Features of the Advantage-P Industrial Vacuum Pump

Becker Canada designs their products with the users and maintenance workers in mind; thus, they implemented a touch screen system into the Advantage-P industrial vacuum pump. This touch screen allows users to view maintenance reminders, monitor the alarm log, view the vacuum level bar graph, and view overall pump status. Furthermore, users can use the touchscreen system for monitoring remotely. These pumps are efficient, air-cooled, quiet, vibration-free, and environmentally friendly. The following is a list of user-friendly features offered by the Advantage-P industrial vacuum pump:

  • Modular – Expandable
  • PLC Controlled with Timed Alternation
  • Remote Alarm Relays
  • Single Point Connections for Vacuum, Electrical & Discharge
  • The only 3-year warranty in the industry!

A Leader in Air Machinery

Becker Pumps Canada has been developing and manufacturing high-quality industrial vacuum pump machinery for many years. Since 1885, they have been working to improve their technology with each iteration, while also providing impeccable customer service. Becker machinery has earned a reputation for reliability and efficiency, and they have maintained their position as a leader in the industry. Furthermore, with each advancement of their products, they reiterate their status as a top company in the development of air system technologies.

Becker Canada commits themselves to the enhancement of industrial vacuum pump machinery. They employ their time and resources into constant improvement of the efficiency of their products. Their work ethic and high-quality products ensure customers are always satisfied.

Industrial Vacuum Pump | Becker Canada | Fishbowl Design

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If you are looking for reliable industrial vacuum pump machinery, contact Becker Pumps Canada. Learn more about Becker Canada on the Fishbowl Design Blog or visit their website.