Arborite Lab Bench Top | Monoco Inc.

Arborite Lab Bench Top

Arborite Lab Bench Top | Monoco Inc.

A lab bench top needs to be reliable, durable, and resistant against many different forms of damage. Functionality and strength are crucial in developing a lab bench top; thus, Monoco Inc. uses Arborite laminates. Arborite laminates provide durability in a myriad of different applications, offering mechanical abrasion and chemical damage resistance for lab bench tops, stage flooring, and more. Arborite lab bench tops also have a smoke density that meets the National Fire Protection Associations specifications.

Arborite is a high-pressure laminate designed for surfaces exposed to acids, solvents, general reagents and cleaning agents. These laminates also offer low moisture absorption. With Arborite, your lab bench top will maintain pristine condition for longer periods of time.

A lab bench top needs to be resistant to daily stresses such as mechanical and chemical damage; however, their most important characteristic is safety. Monoco Inc. prioritizes safety in the development of all their products, protecting lab technicians from potential risks.

Why Arborite? | Lab Bench Top

Arborite is an incredibly versatile laminate with unparalleled durability. This laminate functions perfectly in many applications outside of lab bench tops:


  • Electrical control and test panels
  • Phase barriers
  • Electrical enclosures
  • Switchgear mounting
  • Bus bar insulation


  • Drill jigs and fixtures
  • Non-conductive workbenches
  • Conveyor applications
  • Stage flooring
  • Needle trade templates
  • Die stock
  • Transportation industry panels

Arborite laminates also devoid of hazardous materials. Furthermore, they offer insulating properties. These characteristics set Arborite apart from other products on the market. Its durability and functionality are invaluable.

In addition to resistance, Arborite provides long lifespans, maintaining the durability and aesthetic for years after initial application. With Monoco’s Arborite laminates, your lab bench top will last longer and save you money.

About Monoco Inc. | Arborite Lab Bench Top

Since 1965, Monoco Inc. has been a leader in insulation materials manufacturer, distributor, and supplier of non-metallic, electrical and heat insulation products. Monoco provides high-quality materials that offer resistance to mechanical wear, high temperatures, fire, and chemicals.

Monoco Inc. also produces special products in shorter runs. Complicated parts can be developed with quick turnaround at cost-effective prices in their CNC machining facility. They can also deliver anywhere in the world.

Monoco provides services in sanding, milling, drilling, cut-to-size, and lathe turning, in addition to CNC machining. Furthermore, Monoco Inc. offers an immense inventory of unique products for clients who need products quickly.

Arborite Lab Bench Top | Monoco Inc. | Fishbowl Design

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Are you looking to install a reliable lab bench top? Consider Monoco’s Arborite lab bench top laminates. Learn more about Monoco Inc. on the Fishbowl Design Blog or visit their website.