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Donald Martens & Sons Ambulance Service is offering ACLS Certification and other courses to the public. If you are interested in receiving certification for ACLS, CPR, or other medical skills, Martens & Sons offers their courses at a reasonable and affordable price. The American Heart Association ACLS Certification Course is just one of the many courses offered where you can learn invaluable health safety skills. Furthermore, with their staff of experienced professionals, Martens & Sons offers an opportunity to learn these skills from experts.

Martens & Sons is a family-owned ambulance service, which offers 24/7 emergency and non-emergency transport. They also offer service levels for different types of care:

  • Wheelchair Vans
  • BLS Ambulances
  • ALS Ambulance
  • MICU

They provide transport based on what is best for each unique patient. Contact Martens & Sons to learn more about their ambulance transport services.

Martens & Sons Offered Courses

Martens & Sons offers a myriad of health training courses to both their staff and the public. Through their event calendar, you can choose which date and class if best for you. The following is a short list of courses that Martens & Sons offers.

American Heart Association ACLS Certification Course

The ACLS Certification course is among the more advanced of the offered courses. This course focuses on a variety of skills: systems of care, immediate post-cardiac arrest, stroke, recognition; intervention of cardiopulmonary arrest, acute coronary syndromes (ACS), and acute dysrhythmia; and team dynamics and communication. Learn more about the American Heart Association ACLS Course here.

American Heart Association CPR Course

Students of this class learn CPR from an expert CPR instructor. This class focuses on training all essential skills for safely performing CPR. Learn more about the American Heart Association CPR Course here.

American Heart Association PALS Course

These courses teaches skills in the approach to basic life support through videos and simulated pediatric emergencies. These skills include pediatric assessment, effective resuscitation, team dynamics, and PALS treatment algorithms. Learn more about the American Heart Association PALS Course here.

About Donald Martens & Sons Ambulance Service

Founded in 1964, Martens & Sons is one of the longest-running, family-owned ambulance services in Ohio. Today, they have evolved from operating one ambulance to over 85 mobile intensive care units, ambulances, and ambulettes. They also work to provide the best patient care and customer service possible. Furthermore, Martens & Sons implements state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology. They ensure every patient receives the care that they need.

Martens & Sons acknowledges and emphasizes the importance of the safety of the patients as well as their families. Just as the patient is vulnerable to trauma, their family could also incur psychological and emotional trauma. Therefore, caring for them is just as crucial as caring for the patient. Family-oriented service is something Martens & Sons prides themselves upon, providing a safe environment for the patients and their families.

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If you are in need of ambulance services or are interested in participating in the American Heart Association ACLS Certification Course, contact Donald Martens & Sons. Learn more about Martens & Sons on the Fishbowl Design Blog or visit their website.