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Efficiency and profitability are two of the most important characteristics of any facility. Energy consumption is a crucial factor in maintaining these aspects, and any facility’s centralized air system, whether it contains vein pumps, regenerative blowers, etc., is a massive consumer of energy; therefore, the quality of the machinery in the central air system can have significant effects on overall power consumption and efficiency. In order to ensure an air system machinery is not wasting power, utilization of reliable, cost-effective machinery is paramount; however, many facilities use inefficient machines that create excessive amounts of noise. Some believe more noise means more productivity, but this is commonly false. Many of these machines contain inefficient technology that happens to produce unnecessary noise; furthermore, they have a negative impact on a facility’s energy usage.

Facility’s looking for improvements to their centralized air system will find endless options with Becker Pumps. With their extensive experience in the development of these technologies, they can help their clients find exactly what they need.

About Becker Pumps | Vein Pump

In terms of experience in the development of air system machinery, Becker Pumps is unmatched. Now, Becker has been building a legacy of reliable, advanced machinery and impeccable customer service for over one hundred years. Their history in the design and manufacturing of air system technologies goes back to 1885, and they continue to further develop their machinery. One of their most notable advancements was the creation of the rotary vein pump. This pump is oil-less and environmentally friendly with an ability to perform with unparalleled consistency and maintain an incredible lifespan.

Becker Pumps offers quality, consistency, and reliability in both their customer service and machinery. They want to surpass client expectations and ensure the satisfaction of each and every customers. In addition to being a leading innovator of air system technology, Becker Pumps is a leader in product and customer service quality.

Rotary Vein Pump | Becker Pumps

Although Becker’s rotary vein pump holds many similarities with other pumps on the market, it has some unique aspects. Becker’s rotary vein pumps utilize positive displacement and contain multiple vanes on a rotor. The vanes create the circulation in the cavity; thus, the air can be forced through pipes or ducts. These pumps are capable of handling applications that require either pumping air or the creation of a vacuum.

Not only do these pumps contain state-of-the-art, modern technology, but they are also quiet and compact. These vein pumps also experience no metal contact internally; thus, maintenance needs are extremely low, allowing for peak performance to last much longer.

Vein Pump Applications

Becker’s rotary vein pumps fit into a multitude of applications. The following is a short list of the many capabilities offered by Becker Pumps:

  • Printing and Paper Conversion
  • Pick and Place
  • Paper and Plastic Packaging
  • Medical/Surgical Vacuum
  • Food Packaging and Processing
  • Environmental Applications
  • CNC Routers Vacuum Hold Down

Any businesses looking to upgrade their air system machinery should contact Becker Pumps. Their machinery is an instant enhancement to any existing system or the perfect way to create a new system. Learn more about Becker Pumps and the capabilities of their products on the Fishbowl Design Blog.