Vacuum Pump Oil

Becker Vacuum Pump Oil and Regenerative Blowers

Businesses and facilities looking to improve their centralized air systems should strongly consider Becker’s products. Becker specializes in the production of regenerative blowers and vacuum pumps as well as vacuum pump oil and grease. They offer a wide variety of regenerative blowers and pumps and a diverse selection of oils.

Becker also excels in meeting and exceeding the needs of their clients. Their machinery utilizes non-positive displacement; thus, Becker machines create significantly lesser amounts of noise while also being much more powerful and efficient, when compared to competing products. The non-positive displacement method regenerates air molecules, creating more pressure/vacuum. The positive displacement method, however, is less powerful and less cost-effective, further incentivizing the application of non-positive displacement.

Becker Pumps has been designing centralized air machinery since 1885. Now, Becker is the leader in the development of centralized air system technologies. During their time, they have also created the rotary vane vacuum pump. This pump employs efficient, state-of-the-art technology for consistent performance in each cycle.

Since the very beginning, Becker has dedicated their time to improving air system technology. Increasing the rate at which their pumps move air and improving overall efficiency is a constant goal. Businesses that utilize Becker machinery and vacuum pump oil will find their facilities in a quieter, more efficient state.

Becker Vacuum Pump Oil

Becker formulates their vacuum pump oil to withstand the strenuous operating conditions of oil-flooded rotary vane vacuum pumps. Their oil has low friction properties; thus, minimizing viscosity fluctuation, which increases performance and longevity. The following is a list of Becker’s vacuum pump oil products:

  • Synthetic Oil
  • Premium Synthetic Oil
  • Vacuum Pump Flushing Oil
  • Food Grade Vacuum Pump Oil

Oil-less Grease for Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

Becker also offers bearing grease that works specifically with their dry-running vane pumps. Other grease products on the market are cannot resist the heat generated by bearings in an oil-less vacuum pump.

  • Withstand the high temperatures produced by vane pump bearings
  • Resistant to moisture, oxidation, and aging
  • Defends against corrosion
  • Lengthens intervals between services
  • Handles a large temperature range of -5 °F to 302 °F

Becker Blowers Have Many Applications

Regenerative blowers can be advantageous in a myriad of situations. Industries that work with environmental processes and chemicals use these blowers often. Facilities for lifting, packaging, and transporting also use them.

Becker regenerative blowers excel at removing dust and smoke from the air, performing sewage aeration, and extracting soil vapor. Furthermore, Becker blowers are perfect for applications that require high rates of airflow at lower pressures or when a vacuum is needed.

Why Choose Becker?

Becker’s machinery consistently performs at unparalleled levels of efficiency. Especially when considering their small size, Becker regen blowers move extremely high amounts of air, while also remaining quiet and creating minimal vibration.  Also available are genuine vacuum pump vanes.

Secondly, Becker’s regenerative blowers excel in their ease of operation and maintenance, resulting in fewer breakdowns and other complications. There is only one moving part inside the blower; thus, there is very little wear and tear relative to other forms of machinery. Reliability is a Becker specialty, keeping maintenance to a minimum while operation has never been easier.

Facilities in need of quality vacuum pump oil or centralized air system machinery should consider Becker as their top solution. With reliable products and an incredible work ethic, Becker can tackle any issue you may have.