Looking for a Used Commercial Laundry Folding Table for Sale?

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Have you been looking for a way to boost your hospital laundry operations? Are you looking for a used commercial laundry folding table for sale? Count on Kent, Ohio’s R.W. Martin Company for top-quality textile care equipment. Without a doubt, we are thankful for our exciting partnership with the R.W. Martin Company team.

We take great pride in standing behind both the team and its commitment to quality. With this in mind, you can learn more about solutions from R.W. Martin Company by visiting the company website. In addition, you can find more information about the R.W. Martin Company team and its work by visiting the Fishbowl blog. 

5 Hospital Laundry Safety Tips

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, hospital laundry professionals must be more vigilant than ever. When a team stays consistent with safety, it can keep a facility running at maximum efficiency. Whether you are looking for a used commercial laundry folding table for sale or for a partner company, safety should be the main consideration. See below for some hospital laundry safety tips. 

1.) Stay Consistent With Equipment Maintenance and Implementing Necessary Upgrades

Conduct visual checks for any applicable equipment both before and after each use to check for damage. If you can find a reputable supplier, implement used industrial laundry equipment. Whether you invest in a used commercial laundry folding table for sale or a pre-owned ironer, you can often benefit from a greater value by opting for used equipment. 

2.) Set Up a System and Stay Consistent

Have all laundry safety procedures visible in writing in multiple locations throughout the facility. You should also ensure all employees are familiar with all relevant schedules and review all procedures as regularly as necessary. 

3.) If You and Your Team Are Outsourcing Any Laundry Operations, Then Ensure a Collaborator Has Any Certifications Necessary for Serving a Healthcare Facility

These requirements and credentials can vary by region. Ensuring partners are credible is a critical disease prevention practice. 

4.) Provide Safety Training for All Employees

Even if certain staff members do not directly contribute to certain laundry tasks, ensure all employees understand the basics of safe linen handling.

5.) Have an understanding of all Relevant Hospital Laundry Terminology, Especially When Outsourcing

For example, you can usually refer to laundry as “hygienically clean” after soil removal and both the removal and inactivation of pathogens. However, you can refer to linens as “sanitized” once it has undergone a process to kill drug-resistant strains of pathogens. These terms have no standardized definitions among laundry companies. For this reason, it is crucial to be mindful of the language that any outside provider uses for promotional materials or other texts.  

Looking for a Used Commercial Laundry Folding Table for Sale? Count on R.W. Martin Company

For more than 40 years, R.W. Martin Company has been a go-to resource for premier textile care equipment sales and service as well as facility design. In all, the dedicated team of professionals from R.W. Martin Company can keep your facility running at top efficiency. Whether you have been looking for a used commercial laundry folding table for sale or a new dryer, R.W. Martin Company has what you need. 

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