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Finding the Right Stainless Steel Wire Supplier

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Malin Company Inc. offers specialty packaging and distribution of stainless steel wire. Since 1884, Malin Co. has also offered copper wire and safety lockwire that can be used in marine, brush, industrial or medical services. With much stainless steel wire to ANSI standards selections to choose from, they offer the best as a full-service supplier and they can accommodate almost any packaging or shipping requests.

Malin offers a variety of stainless steel wire, aircraft safety wire lock wire, straightened and cut wire to length, and tag wire that is used in aerospace through industrial and hardware wholesale companies. The product comes in color-coded cans for easy lockwire identification and their exclusive recyclable Lockwire Dispensing Canisters are molded from high-density polyethylene so they won’t degrade and keep the wire free of corrosive materials.

Malin Co. is also a leader in the fishing industry with its high quality manufactured stainless steel that professional captains and tournament winners have chosen for decades. The staff is dedicated to listening to customers, providing excellent quality products that are guaranteed to stand the test of time, and offering great customer service. The wire can come in any form from boxed coils to bulk coils and spools to bobbins. Malin is the supplier customers go to when they need stainless steel wire and they’ve been trusted for over 130 years. Go to Malin today and see what they can do for you.