How To Know If You Found The Right SEO Strategist

What Makes Up a Great SEO Strategist

Are you ready to get more leads for your business? SEO does not grow your business on its own, you have to have a great SEO strategist to steer you in the right direction. Search engine optimization consists of a variety of strategies to increase your ranking on Google. Here is everything you need to know about finding the right SEO strategist for you:

#1 Has A Streak Of Success

SEO is a hard and often unpredictable part of marketing your website. It is important to find an SEO strategist that has a solid reputation and a plan to set your business up for success. One of the hardest parts for SEO strategists is to customize a strategy around your needs and not just offer cookie-cutter services.

When you are searching for a writer for the job, consider taking a look at what clients they have in their portfolio as well as how well they are performing. 

 #2 Great Communication

Nothing is worse than hiring someone to help you grow your business and not being able to keep track of the progress that has been made. A great strategist will perform monthly reports and presentations to show you the work that is completed as well as see if you are experiencing any correlation between metrics and sales. You should always feel like your opinion matters when it comes to what your SEO strategy is because it is most rewarding to see your collaborative effort succeed. 

#3 Knowledgeable With Platforms

WordPress and Hubspot are just two of the most important platforms that websites are built on.  It is vital that your SEO strategist has knowledge of how to use those platforms on the “back-end” to optimize your website. 

Other platforms such as Google Analytics, Google Console, Google ADs, are also key sites that your strategist should know how to navigate in order to measure your results. An experienced SEO strategist will know when to try new things, and when to stick to what is working best for your business. 

 #4 Keyword Research

Keyword research is the key to getting your website higher up in the Google search. A strong strategist will ensure that your keyword positioning is always being tracked, and reporting is communicated on what is working. 

Many strategists have a program that they like to use for keyword research as well as a variety of techniques to find what keywords have the best potential. 

 #5 Technical Abilities

An SEO strategist has to have a great balance between research, optimization, and technical fixes. In order to optimize individual pages for a website, there can be no technical errors blocking your path. It is often challenging to accommodate the skills to take on and solve technical web issues, but the right SEO strategist will know just how to approach them.

Find An SEO Strategist Near You

If you are ready to get more leads, grow your business, and work your way to the top of Google, it is time to hire an SEO strategist. Google algorithms are constantly changing and have an impact on your website’s integrity. There are dozens of SEO strategists across Northeast Ohio ready to help you, so call an agent today to find the right fit for you.